m&h Infrared Probing System IRP40.02

m&h IRP40.02 – The Infrared Touch Probe for Mass Production

The m&h IRP40.02 infrared touch probe system meets all requirements for measurement on the machine tool. Extreme accelerations, high positioning speeds, constant vibrations, hard tool changes, increased temperatures and aggressive coolants pose no problems for m&h touch probes. m&h’s precision mechanics can continue to switch extremely precisely and without wear for years under all these conditions.

Thanks to its extremely compact and robust design, the IRP40.02 touch probe only needs a very small space on the machine and can also be used for applications in extremely limited spaces. The IRP40.02 shows its real strength in the combination of process reliability and optimised measuring strategy.

Mass production places the highest demands on the manufacturing process. For automated processes, the operator must be able to rely completely on the equipment. In a machine tool this means a highly-robust touch probe system, secure signal transmission under the most difficult conditions, and unequivocal status displays for quick decision making and intervention in the process. This is the only way to eliminate long service times and error diagnostics. It not only creates trust, but also saves costs.

The IRP40.02 was specially developed for these applications and covers all requirements for use in mass production. The robust construction is easily up to the task of performing in a rough environment while constantly being doused with coolant and hit by swarf. Intelligent Trigger Evaluation (ITE) technology supports the shortest cycle times without losing process reliability. Fast and precise probing as a result of the one-touch strategy permits the highest degree of precision.

The unprecedented battery life ensures that manual interventions occur less frequently and the automatic process is not disrupted by them. Expensive machine downtime is minimised. This not only reduces process costs, but also operational expenses.

m&h IRP40.02

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Unprecedented Battery Life
Up to 800 hours of running time during continuous operation; this ensures that manual interventions such as battery changes occur less frequently and the automatic process is not disrupted by them. 

Highest Precision with Shortest Measuring Times
Thanks to sophisticated ITE technology and the proven one-touch strategy, extremely precise measurements can be made while probing very fast (up to 2 000 mm/min). This achieves short cycle times without any loss of process reliability.

Compact Design
With a size of only 40mm in diameter and 50 mm in length (without shank and stylus), the IRP40.02 needs minimum space within the machines and is therefore suited for all kinds of applications, even when there is only limited space.

Robust Construction
Thanks to the stainless steel housing and natural glass ring, the touch probe can handle all challenges on the machine without any problems. Whether it is aggressive coolants or flying swarf, the IRP40.02 won’t be affected by the rough environment of mass production.
Innovative HDR+ Infrared Transmission
The HDR+ infrared transmission ensures that only the system’s own signals are processed. There is no interference from ambient light. Thanks to the innovative design with mirrored surfaces, homogeneous and true 360° directional transmission characteristics have been achieved.

The best possible transmission quality is not just dependent on the probe, but also the receiver, which is mounted within the machine. The m&h infrared receivers IRR91.50 and IRR91.42, which also work with HDR+ infrared transmission can be used with additional m&h tool setters inside the machine. This ensures reliable transmission.
 Sensing Directions  ±X; ±Y; -Z
 Maximum Stylus Overtravel   XY = ±12,5°; Z = -5 mm
 Trigger Force with 50 mm Stylus   XY = 0,8 N; Z = 5,7 N
 Recommended Probing Feedrate   Max. 2000mm/min
 Power Supply   2x Battery (3,6 V / ½ AA), Standby 12 months
 Maximum Battery lifetime   approx. 800 hrs
 Material   Stainless steel
 Weight without Shank   approx. 235 g
 Temperature Range   Operation: 5°C - 55°C,

  Storage: 5°C - 70°C

 Unidirectional Repeatability   max. 0.5 μm (2 Sigma) with 50 mm stylus and 254 mm/min probing feedrate
 Sealing   IP68: EN60529 (15 m) tested
 Maximum Probing Frequency   50 Hz = 50 points/s
 Shock tested   in ±X; ±Y; -Z, 50G for 7ms (5000 times)
 Resonant Frequency Test   Passed
Operating Instructions
m&h Probing Systems with Infrared Transmission Brochure