HP-C-VE Vision Sensor

HP-C-VE - Optical Probe - Bringing vision to your CMM

HP-C-VE is a camera for use on a CMM. The 2D light sensitive CCD and the integral LED illumination allow an area of the measured component to be illuminated and viewed. This gives the capability of optical measurement for large scale components.

The whole Field of View (FOV) or specific Regions of Interest (ROI) within the FOV can be used to select one or more features for measurement (e.g. hole diameters, edge positions). Software control of the illumination allows the user to optimise the image for each measurement.

Typical HP-C-VE applications:
  • Small features which are difficult to probe with tactile styli
  • Soft or easily deformed components
  • Printed or deposited patterns
  • Printed circuit boards
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  • Auto change between the HP-C-VE and other traditional CMM sensors
  • Compatible to HH-A and HH-AS probe heads
  • Integral software-controlled illumination.
  • Compatible with HR-R changing rack
  • Provides vision measurement capabilities for large components.
 Field of View (FOV)  Approx. 6 mm x 5 mm (on the work piece being inspected) Area: >35mm2
 Optical Magnification  The image at the CCD is 75% of the FOV (on the work piece)
 Object to Camera Stand- off  75 mm
 Illumination  Oblique and targeted at the Optical Plane Centre
 Type  High Intensity (Green for optimum reflection)
 Number of LED  4 radially spaced at 90° at 0° inclination
 Outer LED Ring  8 radially spaced at 45° and at 16° inclination (the spacing of these 8 is also staggered radially 22.5° to the  4 LED pattern)
 Selective Illumination  Rings are split into four segments Intensity of both rings can be adjusted independently