Entry-level multisensor CMMs

Hexagon’s entry-level multisensor and optical CMMs balance accuracy, throughput and flexibility with an ideal price-to-performance ratio and multisensor capabilities that meet a wide range of measurement requirements.

Dependable, affordable multisensor performance

Entry-level multisensor and optical CMMs are built robustly for tough working conditions and are particularly suitable for quality assurance in the production area. All models come equipped with a high-resolution digital colour camera and a motorised CNC zoom as standard. Supporting additional sensors such as touch-trigger probes, entry-level multisensor and optical CMMs combine all basic dimensional measurement capabilities in a single machine.


Explore Hexagon’s entry-level multisensor and optical CMM range

OPTIV Classic benchtop CMMs

OPTIV Classic benchtop CMMs combine multisensor capabilities with a robust mechanical design, making them the ideal entry-level CMM for versatile, accurate quality...

OPTIV Classic large-stroke CMMs

OPTIV Classic large-stroke multisensor and optical coordinate measuring machines (CMM) are designed to simplify the measurement of large or palletised flat parts close to...


HxGN LIVE is a digital solutions event series providing hands-on, face-to-face access to Hexagon’s latest sensor, software, and autonomous technologies. 

Enhanced Productivity Series multisensor CMMs

Hexagon’s Enhanced Productivity Series multisensor and optical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) give manufacturers of small and medium precision parts the configuration...

High-accuracy multisensor CMMs

Hexagon’s high-accuracy multisensor and optical CMMs provide sub-micron accuracy for measuring precision components manufactured to the tightest tolerances.