Complex dual-axis sensor measurement

Discover the typical applications suited to complex dual-axis sensor systems

OPTIV M DualScan+

Typical part and feature characteristics

  • Any material – rigid/deformable, multi-colour, opaque/transparent/reflective
  • Microscopic features
  • 3D elements and dimensional references distributed around the part
  • Any surface finish – microstructured, coated
  • Functional surfaces and freeform surfaces
  • 3D microgeometries
  • Spatially complex arranged measuring positions

Application examples

  • Turbine blades (cooling holes)
  • Small electrical household appliances (complex housings)
  • Orthopaedic implants (bone plates and screws, spinal implants)
  • Micro cutting/stamping/forming tools
  • Moulds and dies, EDM electrodes
  • Electric vehicle charging plugs and connectors