HP-TM Probe

HP-TM - Magnetic touch trigger probe with M8 threaded connection


The HP-TM touch trigger probe consists of two main parts, i.e. the mounting module and the probe body. Both parts are put together by means of a magnetic coupling system ensuring a repositioning repeatable to 0.1 µm while allowing manual or automatic probe changing with no need for recurrent qualification.

The HP-TM is available in four versions with measuring forces ranging between 0.055 N and 0.10 N. Their M8 threaded connection permits direct assembly with nearly all existing manual and motorized measuring heads. Used in conjunction with the HR-P rack which is specially made to handle this type of probe, HP-TM is the ideal solution for fast and accurate coordinate measurement of part features.
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  • Compact 5 Way Probe
  • Four modules available giving trigger forces between 0.055N an 0.1N
  • Module changing when used with the HR-P changer
 Measuring directions  +/- X, +/- Y, +Z
 Probe mounting  M8
 Stylus mounting  M2
 Over travel  X/Y: ± 16°, Z: 5mm
 Max. styli length  See diagram page 18
 Weight  9.5 g

Pre Travel Variance

Trigger force

Repeatability 1D (2 Sigma)

 HP-T-LF Low Force  ± 0.6 µm  0,055 N at10 mm  0,35 µm
 HP-T-SF Standard Force  ± 0.8 µm  0,08 N at 10 mm  0,35 µm
 HP-T-MF Medium Force  ± 1.00 µm  0,10 N at 25 mm  0,5 µm
 HP-T-EF Extended Force  ± 2.00 µm  0,10 N at 50 mm  0,65 µm
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