HP-T Probe

HP-T - Touch trigger probe with M8 threaded connection

The HP-T is a small module with an integrated omnidirectional ball probe. In automatic changing mode it is fitted with a kinematic adapter and mounted on the modular changing rack HR-R. Available in four versions with different trigger forces (low, standard, medium, extended).

The HP-T is a highly versatile touch trigger electronic ball probe for fast and repeatable 3D measurements. The features: long life, accuracy, ease of use, comparatively low cost and excellent access to difficult to reach measuring points. Their M8 connection makes them compatible with nearly all existing manual and automatic probe head.
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  • Compact 5 Way Probe
  • Four version available giving trigger forces between 0.055N an 0.1N
 Measuring directions  +/- X, +/- Y, +Z
 Probe mounting  M8
 Stylus mounting  M2
 Over travel  X/Y: ± 16°, Z: 5mm
 Max. styli length  See diagram page 18
 Weight  9.5 g


Pre Travel Variance

Trigger force

Repeatability 1D (2 Sigma)*

 HP-T-LF Low Force  ± 0.6 µm  0,055 N at10 mm  0,35 µm
 HP-T-SF Standard Force  ± 0.8 µm  0,08 N at 10 mm  0,35 µm
 HP-T-MF Medium Force  ± 1.00 µm  0,10 N at 25 mm  0,5 µm
 HP-T-EF Extended Force  ± 2.00 µm  0,10 N at 50 mm  0,65 µm
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