HP-TMe touch trigger probe

Modular touch trigger probe for a wide range of measurement applications

A touch trigger probe during an inspection routine

The HP-TMe touch trigger probe reliably records individual measurement points and offers excellent measurement accuracy and repeatability. It consists of a probe body and detachable probing modules, which can be exchanged during the measurement routine.

HP-TMe sensors are available on these systems

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PickaxeDesigned for robustness
Smart design to cope with any situation. The kinematic coupling between the probe body and the module offers protection against collisions or drops from up to 1 m.

TransferDesigned for extensive usage
An improved trigger design makes it possible to maintain performance characteristics over a long period of time.

CMM-IconDesigned for compatibility
No limits on compatibility with existing and new Hexagon components or systems such as module changer racks, probes heads or CMM systems.

FelixbleDesigned for multiple applications
Four modules are available to fit all application requirements

  • Low-force module for high precision and sensitive parts.
  • Standard-force module to meet most application needs
  • Medium-force module for use with longer styli
  • Extended-force module for applications with long styli
Low force
Standard force
Medium force
Extended force
 (Body and module)
 24 g
 Mounting  M8 with active 1 wire connection
 Module changer rack  Rack HR-P / HR-MP
 Max. probe head   extension  750 mm (HH-A-H2.5)
 450 mm (HH-A-T2.5)
 300 mm (HH-A-T5 or HH-A-T7.5)
 200 mm (HH-A-M5 or HH-A-M7.5)
 Probing direction  5 Way ±X, ±Y and +Z
 Stylus mounting   M2 thread
 Max. straight
 styli length
 30 mm   40 mm

 (50 mm
 mono-block CF)

 60 mm  60 mm
HP-TMe-touch-trigger-probe Max. star styli   dimensions
A: Length
B: Extension
C: Span 
 N/A  A: 40 mm
 B: 20 mm
 C: 40 mm
 A: 50 mm
B: 30 mm
 C: 40 mm
 A: 60 mm
B: 30 mm
 C: 40 mm
 Trigger force (YZ Plane)   0,07 N  0,1 N  0,2 N  0,3 N
 Trigger force (Z plane)   0,55 N  0,8 N   1,6 N  2,45 N
 Pre-travel variance 2D   (range)*  ± 0,6 μm  ± 0,8 μm  ± 1,0 μm  ± 2,0 μm
 Unidirectional   repeatabiltiy   2σ*  0,35 μm  0,35 μm   0,50 μm  0,65 μm
 Repeatability of
 automatic stylus   change (range)
 ± 0,5 μ
 Repeatability of
 manual stylus change  (range)
 ± 1 μ

* Test conditions: Straight 10 mm stylus, Touch speed 6 mm/sec.