HP-THD Touch Trigger Probe

Highly-Versatile Touch Trigger Probe for Outstanding Measuring Performance and Functionality

The HP-THD touch trigger probe has been designed to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and deliver highly-accurate touch trigger probing with styli builds of up to 100 mm. It offers high-precision repeatability and low 3D form error thanks to a highly-innovative opto-mechanical design capable of detecting nanometric movements in the X, Y and Z directions. 

Standard probes employ a mechanical switch to create probing points which generate variable force dependant on the direction of probing. This force leads to small form errors sometimes called ‘lobbing’. The mechanical design of the HP-THD touch trigger probe overcomes this force and delivers very low lobbing in all six probing directions.

The HP-THD is a modular probe comprised of a body and stylus module; the modules can be changed rapidly without the need for calibration using the existing HR-P passive rack. The probe is also compatible with existing Hexagon extensions and styli

HP-THD Touch Trigger Probe

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Excellent Repeatability and 3D Performance with Styli Lengths Up to 100 mm
The HP-THD touch trigger probe is recommended for applications with tight tolerance and applications that require a high level of point density and high-speed measurement. It is also suited to applications that require long styli builds. 

Adaptive Triggering

Unlike other systems on the market, HP-THD has an adaptive trigger than can be controlled by the measuring software and machine controller. The trigger parameters are adjusted when loading a new stylus build, ensuring optimal measuring performance at all times.

Enhanced Productivity
The HP-THD benefits from a fast stylus change and increased module life compared to a typical touch trigger probe, therefore productivity is enhanced saving both time and cost.

The HP-THD has been designed to be as robust as a standard touch trigger probe, reducing downtime and cost of ownership.

The system is completely compatible with the HH-C-V2.1 controller, meaning that no extra hardware is required to use the probe. The current HR-P passive probe rack is also fully compatible.
 Mounting  M8 with Active 1 wire connection
 Suitable Interface  HH-C-V2.1 or Higher
 Probing Direction  6 Way ±X, ±Y and ±Z
 Available Modules  SF, MF
 Unidirectional Repeatability 2σ  0.3 µm
 2D Form Error  0.8 µm
 3D Form Error  1,3 µm
 Trigger Force (XY plane)  0.07 N (SF & MF) 
 Trigger Force (Z Plane )  0.78 N (SF & MF)
 Overtravel Force (XY plane)  0.3 N (SF)
 0.71N (MF)
 Overtravel Force (Z plane)  1.14 N (SF)
 2.24 N (MF)
 Weight (Probe and Module)  21.6 g 
 Stylus Mounting  M2 Thread
 Module Change Rack  HR-P6
 Maximum Extension  300 mm (HH-A-T5 or HH-A-T7.5)
 450 mm (HH-A-T2.5)
 750 mm (HH-A-H2.5) 
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