Manual Application Changer

Cost-effective manual alternative to automated probe head changes

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Maintaining inspection flexibility can be difficult when you don’t swap probe heads frequently enough to justify buying an automated changer solution. Manual Application Changer (MAC) offers a cost-effective solution.

With MAC, you can change probe heads quickly in a few simple manual steps. This easy process reduces CMM downtime and ensures you quickly meet your varying application needs.

With its secure yet simple interface, MAC enables you to switch between versatile indexable probe heads and high precision fixed HP-S-X5 probe heads.

MAC is available on a range of new Hexagon gantry and bridge-type coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), and can be installed as special on a number of existing Hexagon and non-Hexagon-branded machines.
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Fast Probe Head Changes
Minimise impact on CMM uptime with quick and easy probe head switches.

Cost-Effective Flexibility
Swap between high precision fixed HP-S-X5 probe heads and versatile indexable probe heads at a lower price than automated solutions.

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Probe Head Compatibility: