HR-MP Probe Module and Styli Changer Rack

Flexible, fast configuration changes

The HR-MP rack makes it easy to interchange probe modules and styli during measurement routines. It can store up to six probe modules with styli configurations, allowing the user to perform flexible measurements without needing to pause the operation to manually swap the probe module or styli.

A mechanical base makes the rack simple to remove from the machine table, with no need for recalibration when replacing it. This means that if more space is needed on the table, or if the rack interferes with the measurement equipment, it can be removed temporarily without any additional process steps.

The rack has a modular configuration, with adjustable heights ranging from 90mm to 250mm. Versatile, it comes with three ports, extendible to up to six ports and is compatible with the HP-THD and HP-TM range of touch-trigger probes and the HP-S-X1 scanning sensor.

The system provides perfect protection against collisions. Not only are the probe modules and styli configurations fully sheltered, there is also no need to recalibrate the rack after a crash.

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Modular setup
Customers can adapt quickly to changing requirements by designing the system according to their needs or adding extra modules.

Easy alignment on machine

Machine users can remove the rack from the table in just a few simple steps to maximise the use of table space. After putting the rack back on the table, users don’t have to recalibrate the system.

Robust construction
Probe modules and styli configurations are ideally protected thanks to specifically designed ports. The system itself is protected against any kind of collisions or crashes.

Easy integration and installation
The HR-MP is a passive rack, which means it doesn’t need any kind of cabling or other connection to the machine. It can be installed in a couple of easy steps, without the need for on-site service.
Number of Modules 3 ports 6 ports 6 ports 3 ports
Height C (mm) 88 88 148 146
Width A(mm) 150 245 245 74
Depth B(mm) 78 78 78 74

Recommended module change speed: 10mm/s;
Maximum module changer speed: 100mm/s;
Maximum entry speed into the rack: 800 mm/s;

Overtravel in X and Y-axis (only for rack with crash protection included):

  • Rack 150mm : 20 mm
  • Rack 90mm : 20 mm

Overtravel in Z-axis:

  • Rack 150mm: 10 mm
  • Rack 90mm: 10 mm

Precision of alignment:

  • X- Axis +/- 250µm;
  • Y- Axis +/- 250µm;
  • Z- Axis +/- 150µm;
HR-MP Data Sheet