HP-S-X5 Scanning Probes

Ultra-precise, full 3D fixed scanning probe heads

Designed for excellent precision, HP-S-X5 scanning probes are full 3D fixed scanning heads capable of simultaneously measuring in the X, Y and Z directions to precisely define the orientation of workpiece surfaces.

Available in two versions to accommodate the best styli options for every application, the HP-S-X5 and HP-S-X5 HD sensors are ideally suited to measuring the tight tolerances and complex geometries of mechanical parts.

The HP-S-X5 and HP-S-X5 HD are heavy-duty analogue scanning probes that offer very high and repeatable accuracy even with extra-long probe extensions and heavy styli clusters.

HP-S-X5 range scanning probes offer true 3D probing, making them ideal for inspecting parts like gears, rotors and blades. On contact with the part, the probe automatically measures normal to the surface. Deflections are measured by high-resolution Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDT), allowing accurate compensation of the probe bend whatever length of stylus is used.

Both versions feature an anti-collision system to protect the head, while styli can be changed automatically without requalifying the sensor, reducing measurement time for higher productivity. Pneumatic stylus clamping ensures fast and reliable changes, reducing operator workload. The rugged sensor construction also makes them virtually maintenance free for long-term accuracy.

The HP-S-X5 HD version offers better part accessibility, improving styli acceptance to lengths of 800 mm and weights of 650 g and enabling customers to apply high-accuracy scanning across a greater range of measurement applications, including the inspection of small workpieces and features deep within parts.

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High and repeatable accuracy
Designed to produce reliable results for the long-term, HP-S-X5 scanning probes maintain accurate measurements even with heavy or extra-long styli.

Anti-collision system
Avoids damage to the probe head to cut out costly repair bills and minimise machine downtime for the best possible productivity.

Pneumatic clamping of styli
Also compatible with automatic changer systems, the clamping design ensures that inspection tools can be changed quickly, efficiently and reliably to reduce operator burden.

True 3D probing
Sophisticated compensation mechanisms enable accurate adjustment for probe bend even when long extensions are used, reducing errors in results.

Motor-free design
With no motor there are no heat sources within the probe, helping to maintain optimum measurement conditions and avoid temperature changes affecting results.

Robust construction
A rugged design for heavy-duty measurement applications means there is virtually no maintenance required, supporting productivity targets.

 HP-S-X5  HP-S-X5 HD
 Probe head type  Analogue  Analogue
 Position  Centre mounted  Centre mounted
 Probe interface  Dovetail connector  Dovetail connector
 Dimensions  Ø 84 x 191 mm  Ø 84 x 191 mm
 Weight  1,080 g  1,080 g
 Resolution  < 0.1 µm  < 0.1 µm
 Measuring range  ± 1 mm in all axes  ± 1 mm in all axes
 Over travel range  ± 2 mm in all axes  ± 2 mm in all axes
 Linear stiffness  5 N/mm  5 N/mm
 Stylus joint  M5  M5
 Maximum stylus weight  500 g (including stylus clamping)  650 g (including stylus clamping)
 Maximum stylus length  Up to 500 mm  Up to 800 mm
 Collision protection  Standard  Standard
 Air supply  0.5 MPa  0.5 MPa
 Exchangeable part temperature sensor  Optional  Optional
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