HP-S-X1 Scanning Probes

HP-S-X1 - Compact Scanning Probes from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

The HP-S-X1 scanning probes offer the accuracy characteristics of fixed heads but can also be fitted to HH-A and HH-AS automatic indexable heads being capable to measure both in point to point and in continuous scanning mode.

The HP-S-X1 Sensors are available in three types. The HP-S-X1S and HP-S-X1H can be fitted to Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Probe Heads HH-A and HH-AS. The HP-S-X1C in mounted directly to the measuring machine.

The HP-S-X1 Scanning Probe represent the next step in the miniaturization of the proven measurement head technology. It allows for flexible and accurate measurements in an extremely broad range of possible applications. All standard measurements such as dynamic single-point inspection, high-speed scanning as well as self-centering measurements for highly accurate form and contour inspection are thus possible.

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  • The measurement heads feature highly sensitive sensors and a large linear measurement range for generating measurement data.
  • Probes axes are not fixed during measurements. That means the measurement system always moves in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the measurement object. The actual direction of the surface normals is calculated for each touch point
  • Automated probe changes allow for quickly exchanging different probe configurations without recalibration. This substantially increases the measurement output.
  • HP-S-X1 Scanning Probes are compatible with the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence probe heads.
  • Fast exchange of probes via the automatic tool changers.
  • Different versions are available with styli lengths from 20 to 225 mm.
   HP-S-X1S  HP-S-X1H  HP-S-X1C
 Probe head type  Analogue  Analogue  Analogue
 Probe interface  TKJ (Kinematic Joint)  TKJ (Kinematic Joint)  Dovetail connector (Center mounted)
 Dimensions  Ø 30 x 109 mm  Ø 30 x 109 mm  Ø 30 x 95 mm
 Weight   96.5 g   96.5 g  53.8 g
 Resolution  < 0,1 µm  < 0,1 µm  < 0,1 µm
 Measuring range  ± 2 mm in all axes  ± 2 mm in all axes  ± 2 mm in all axes
 Linear stiffness  HP-S-X1S: 1,2 N/mm  1,2N/mm  1,2N/mm
 Stylus joint  M3  M3  M3
 Max. stylus weight  20 g (incl. stylus clamping)  33 g (incl. stylus clamping)  33 g (incl. stylus clamping)
 Max. Stylus length range  Vertical: Up to 115 mm
 Horizontal: Up to 20mm
 Vertical: Up to 225 mm
 Horizontal: Up to 100 mm
 Vertical: Up to 225 mm
 Horizontal: Up to 100 mm
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