HH-T Manual Probe Head

HH-T - Manual swivelling head with integrated touch trigger probe

Reliable, flexible and inexpensive - The HH-T is an articulated probe head that can be manually rotated to an infinite number of angular attitudes. Gets to any angle you need.
The HH-P probe head brings highly accurate and flexible probing to manual CMMs. The HH-P can carry a wide range of styli from the Hexagon Metrology range; the trigger force can be adjusted to optimise the measuring performance. The probe head can be rotated into an infinite number of non-repeatable positions giving the user a highly flexible low cost solution.
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  • Accurate touch trigger probing
  • Adjustable trigger force
  • Large Stylus Over travel
  • M3 Stylus mount
 Probe repeatiability 1d (2 sigma)*  0,75 µm
 Adjustable trigger force  0.1 to 0.3 N
 Overtravel  X/Y = +/- 20°, Z = + 6 mm
 Measuring directions  ±X, ±Y, +Z
* test conditions Stylus Length 21mm, Force setting 0.12N Touch Speed 8mm/s
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