HH-A-T2.5 / HH-AS-T2.5 Automatic 2.5° Probe Heads

HH-A-T2.5 and HH-AS-T2.5 - A new degree of freedom

The HH-A-T2.5 is capable of indexing in 2.5° increments and can achieve 12,240 unique positions.

The head is fitted with a kinematic joint (TKJ) which can be connected to a Multiwire to give multi sensor support.

The TKJ can be changed either manually without the need for requalification or automatically with the HR-R tool changer.

The HH-A-2.5 range of probe heads feature a number of new innovations including an fully embedded controller, capacitive crash protection and the all new heavy duty kinematic joint.

All of the probe heads in the range benefit from a completely redesigned drive system including a Hirth Gear for accurate positioning of the probe. The new design delivers the advantage of a high degree of indexable positions and very high rotational torque.

The HH-A-2.5 can either be mounted on the CMM with a shank or flange, alternatively the HH-AS8-2.5 can be mounted on any CMM with an 80mm ram.


HH-A-H2.5 Probe Head Overview

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  • Indexing in steps of 2.5° - 12,240 positions for highest flexibility
  • Extensions up to 450mm available
  • Extremely high rotation torque - 1.4 NM

HH-A-T2.5 HH-AS-T2.5
 Indexing Angle 2.5°
 A axis ± 105°
 B axis ± 180°
 Rotation speed 90° in 2.5 s
 Positioning Repeatability

0.5µm at 100mm from the center of A axis rotation

 Max recommended drive torque 1.4nm
 Max. extension length 450 mm
 Weight 1600g 1650g
 Head mounting Shank or Flange Direct to Ram
 Probe mounting TKJ / M8
 Head controller

HH-C-V2.0 / HH-CA-V2.0 (with HR-R Probe Changer)

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