HH-ACW-43MW Continuous Wrist

HH-ACW-43MW - Continuous wrist for measurement at any angle

The HH-ACW-43MW continuous wrist is a heavy-duty precision mechanism able to quickly orient the probe to any attitude following precise 3D trajectories. Its speed and motion are continuously controlled by the system controller to reach maximum machine efficiency.

Its ability to orient the probe as needed in space (virtually infinite angular positions) along with the possibility to handle exceptionally long probe extensions, allow full access to the part being measured. The HH-ACW-43MW is also available in the configuration with integrated 3rd continuous axis developed for the optimized use of non-contact sensors.

The HH-ACW-43MW wrist is compatible with both point-to-point touch trigger probes and other traditional probes as well as tool changers and racks, thus, enabling measuring in point-to-point and scanning modes.

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 Description  Roll Axis  Pitch Axis
 Useful angular stroke  ± 180°  ± 170°
 Rotation speed  1 rad/s
 Accecleration  10 rad/s2
 Resolution  0,14 arcII
 Positioning repeatability  1 x 10-5 rad
 Weight  3.5 kg
 Max. tool weight  1.5 kg
 Max. applied torque  2 Nm
 Adapters  HA-ACW-AA

 Extentions  E200-mw, E330-mw, E570-mw

 Probes  Compatible with other sensors on the market
 Probe changers  HR-ACW-AC, HR-P
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