HH-A / HH-AS Automatic 7.5° Probe Heads

HH-A-7.5 and HH-AS-7.5 - In steps of 7.5° indexing automatic Probe Heads

This fully motorized, highly accurate probe head is the universal system component for use with any multicoordinate measuring machine, whatever the model or manufacturer. It can be used with extension bars up to 300 mm long.

Sensors can be connected to the Probe Head with a kinematic joint (HH-A-T7.5 and HH-AS-T7.5) or a M8 threaded connection (HH-A-M7.5 and HH-AS-M7.5).

The Probe Heads are capable of indexing in 7.5° increments and can achieve 720 unique positions.

The Probe Heads are featuring high speed operation and high rotational torque. Sensors can be changed either manually or automatically (with the HR-R probe changer) without the need for requalification.

There are two ways of mounting the probe head to the machine. The HH-A-T7.5 and HH-A-M7.5 are equipped with a shank or flange which is fitting to the machine. The HH-AS-T7.5 and HH-AS-M7.5 can be mounted directly into any machine with an 80mm ram.

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  • 720 repeatable positions in 7.5° increments
  • High speed operation - 90° in 2 seconds
  • High Torque - 0.6Nm
  • Maximum extension length 300mm
  • HH-A-M7.5
    • Compatible with all M8 thread extensions and probes
  • HH-A-T7.5
    • Fully Multiwired TKJ connection
    • Rapid automatic probe change when used with the HR-R rack

HH-AS8-T7.5 TKJ 7.5°80mm HH-AS8-M7.5 M8 7.5° 80mm HH-A-T7.5 TKJ 7.5° HH-A-M7.5 M8 7.5°
 Indexing Angle 7.5°
 A Axis +105° to 0°
 B Axis +- 180°
 Total number of Positions 720
 Rotations speed 90° in 2 s
 Positioning Repeatability 0.5 µm at 100mm from the centre of A Axis rotation
 Max recommended drive torque 0.6 Nm
 Maximum Extension Length 300mm
 Weight 938 g 780 g
 Extension Max. Length 300 mm
 Head mounting Direct to Ram Shank/Flange to suit CMM
 Probe mounting TKJ (Multiwire) M8 Thread (2 wires) TKJ (Multiwire) M8 Thread (2 wires)
 Head controller HH-C-V2.0 / HH-CA-V2.0 (with HR-R Automatic Probe Changer)
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