PRECITEC Optical Sensors

PRECITEC Optical Sensors

Offering excellent measurement quality for a range of challenging surface contours and material types, the PRECITEC optical sensors are a versatile white light laser inspection solution for a huge number of industrial applications including roughness and layer thickness measurements.
Adding a non-contact sensor option to the tactile probing and scanning functionality of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), PRECITEC optical sensors can be automatically exchanged with tactile probes as part of a multisensor setup for a more complete measurement solution.

The highly-accurate PRECITEC optical sensors use focused white light to take measurements on even the most complex surfaces, including matte, reflective and coated surfaces, plastics, glass and other transparent materials. 

When tactile measuring technology reaches its limits, optical sensors can take over. Optimised for use with the ultra-precision Leitz PMM-C, Leitz Ultra or Leitz Infinity CMMs, the PRECITEC LR optical sensor is particularly accurate at the submicron level. For ultra-high accuracy measurements in shop-floor conditions, the PRECITEC S3 is used in combination with the Leitz SIRIO BX. With a large acceptance angle, the sensors are ideally suited to inspecting heavily-inclined surfaces and the non-contact measurement method is perfect for fragile parts.
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Effective on Many Surface Types
The PRECITEC optical sensors provide ultra-precision measurement results independent of the type of surface, enabling inspection of dispersive, reflective, oblique, curved and aspherical surfaces.

High Axial Resolution 
Excellent longitudinal resolution ensures good quality measurement of complex structures and freeform workpieces.

Non-Contact Inspection Method
Touch-free measurement allows the inspection of sensitive and soft materials with no risk of scratching or damage to the workpiece surface.

Large Acceptance Angle
With a measurement angle of 90° ± 40° with the PRECITEC LR and 90° ± 30° with the PRECITEC S3, the measurement of heavily-inclined surfaces is easily achievable through better part accessibility and program efficiency.

Small Spot Diameter 
With a 1.4 μm spot diameter the PRECITEC LR is optimised for high lateral resolution and enables the sensor to support optical roughness measurement.

Supports Full Measurement Range
The measuring range of the PRECITEC optical sensors corresponds to the measuring range of the CMM, giving it the ability to measure even very large and heavy parts.

Seamless Multisensor Integration
With no differences in handling compared to a tactile sensor and automatic switches between the two methods possible within a measuring process, PRECITEC sensors integrate seamlessly into the measurement setup.
 Beam direction  0° and 90°  0°
 Measurement range  100 μm  3 mm
 Measuring distance  6.5 mm   22.5 mm
 Resolution in Z  3 nm   -
 Spot diameter  1.4 μm  12 µm
 Lateral resolution  0.7 μm  6 µm
 Numeric aperture  0.66  0.5
 Laser class  1  -
 Measuring angle  Up to 90° ± 40°  Up to 90° ± 30°
 Dimensions  L = 158 mm
 D = 30 mm
 L = 106 mm
 D = 49 mm
 *Only available for Leitz SIRIO BX