Leitz Reference CMM Line

Flexibility and high levels of accuracy combined

A tactile probe on a high accuracy CMM inspecting mechanical teeth

Leitz Reference coordinate measuring machines (CMM) can be adapted to a wide range of measurement applications without reducing their all-round capability, and the selection of different sensors makes them exceptionally flexible. From the ultra high accuracy Leitz Reference ULTRA to the extremely flexible Leitz Reference Xi, the Leitz Reference line offers the highest standards in flexibility and accuracy across a broad range of demanding measurement tasks.

Leitz Reference Xi
Leitz_Reference_XI-MThe Leitz Reference Xi series of high accuracy coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence are optimised for flexibility. Equipped with Hexagon’s sophisticated technology, the Leitz Reference Xi is a flexible all-round tool. Thanks to a large selection of different sensor systems and hardware options, the Leitz Reference Xi is optimised for adaptation to the most demanding of measurement tasks, even in shop floor environments up to 35° C.

Accuracy [µm] for size 15.9.7: E0 = 1,2 + L/350

Leitz Reference HPLeitz_Reference_HP-M

With the ultra-high accurate Leitz Reference HP, measuring complex geometries with tight tolerances becomes a simple measurement task. By combining high-accuracy scanning and point probing capabilities with optimum throughput, Leitz Reference HP CMMs ensure fast, precise and cost-effective inspection of workpieces.

Accuracy [µm] for size 15.9.7: E0 = 0,9 + L/400


A front view of a ultra high accuracy CMM. A gear is being inspected by the machine and the status light is green at the top of the cmmLeitz Reference ULTRA
Leveraging the latest developments in Leitz technology, the Leitz Reference ULTRA addresses tighter part tolerances seen in the e-drive transmission and precision industries, resulting in next level  sub-micron accuracy with best-in-class volumetric length measurement error.

Accuracy [µm] for size 15.9.7: E0 = 0,7 + L/400 µm

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Leitz Reference Line Brochure
Application Report: Non-Contact Measurement of Gear Racks

Leitz Reference Line Brochure

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