Leitz Reference BX

High speed, accurate fan and turbine blade and glass measurement in a single set-up


Leitz Reference BX is purpose-built for aeroengine blade and 3D glass inspection, combining optical and tactile measurement for the highest speed and accuracy in these applications.

Advances in aerospace and consumer electronics manufacturing pose new challenges for quality assurance. The use of innovative materials such as carbon fibre composites and 3D glass, as well as complex geometries and freeform shapes, means that maintaining inspection throughput requires metrology solutions that offer complete part accessibility without compromising accuracy.

With its 4-axis scanning capabilities, the Leitz Reference BX coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is designed to deliver single-set-up measurement to the highest possible precision while enabling potential cycle times reductions of up to 50%. The machine’s sensors are horizontally fixed, meaning users can access all application features without the cost of an additional articulating head or reduced accuracy.

Hexagon-MI-Reference-BXIncreased blade measurement efficiency
In a single cycle, the Precitec S3 optical sensor measures the airfoil at high speed while the HP-S-X1C fixed scanning probe inspects the fir tree profile. Measuring programs can be run with QUINDOS Blade metrology software for the streamlined measurement of blade leading edge radius, tangent line, profile thickness, blade profile, blade root, and mean camber line.

Glass-Application-ImageTransparent material thickness measurement
Rapid advances in glass panel design and technology enhance end-user experience but raise challenges for quality control, with traditional vision inspection no longer sufficient for new free form shapes with highly curved edges that need to meet tight tolerances. Precitec S3 makes hard-to-reach curved features accessible. Non-contact inspection meanwhile protects sensitive surfaces from potential damage and white light technology enables the evaluation of material thickness. Using QUINDOS software, measurement can be viewed as point clouds, 2D sections or as a 3D colour coded graphic.

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Reduced cycle times
Leitz Reference BX combines an integrated rotary table, multisensor capability, and automated sensor exchange to save time by increasing accessibility to a part’s surface and removing the delays of manual probe changes. The machine’s cutting-edge technology can reduce cycle times by up to 50%.

Maximum accuracy
The Precitec S3 optical sensor offers ultra-precise non-contact measurement ideal for reflective and curved surfaces and sensitive material or very demanding new materials like carbon fibre composites. The tactile HP-S-X1C scanning probe is idea for inspecting surfaces with the tightest of tolerances and offers excellent feature accessibility with extension lengths ranging from 20 to 225 mm.

Complete Part Accessibility   
The combination of a rotary Table, horizontally fixed sensors and SENMATION allow the user to inspect the entire part faster without having to stop between part set-ups or probe changes.

The high accuracy Precitec S3 optical sensor is ideal for the most challenging geometries, inclined surfaces, and fragile parts. The sensor’s white light technology also enables material thickness evaluation of flat and curved transparent materials.



The HP-S-X1C scanning probe head offers excellent accessibility for the hardest to reach features with the tightest tolerances - no additional modules are required for a range of different styli length, saving time and costs.



Reduce inspection delays that could cause system downtime with the automated sensor exchange SENMATION SX. The exchange interface provides the system with the most efficient sensor for each individual feature of the application.


Hexagon-MI-Reference-BX-CloseUp-SmallBlade-PortraitRotary Table
Reduce cycle time by having further access to all characteristics without having to physically move the part & by applying continuous 4 axis scanning

Leitz Reference BX Brochure
Application Report: Reduce Measurement Cycle Time of Fan and Turbine Blades by up to 50%

Application Report: Reduce Measurement Cycle Time of Fan and Turbine Blades by up to 50%