Swift-Fix Chucks

High-quality part holding solution for accurate and repeatable measurements

Swift-Fix Chucks ensure the best possible part holding and accessibility. The highly accurate, self-centring and repeatable chucks deploy consistent forces on all jaws to help users achieve the highest levels of precision and quality during the measurement process.

Swift-Fix Chucks are designed to hold pieces in place with the help of either three or six jaws. Thanks to a large and easy-to-handle adjustment range, parts with various diameters can be mounted quickly and held on the inner or outer diameter. All three-jaw chucks contain jaws for inner and outer clamping to ensure the best possible positioning across a full range of applications. Six-jaw chucks are equipped with different position and stop pins, so that the clamping can be flexibly adjusted to changing applications.

Swift-Fix Chucks are made from stainless steel or aluminium with additional ALTEF® coating. They are completely resistant to corrosion, wear and scratches. In addition, all clamping jaws are vacuum hardened and polished.
As a result, the chucks are easy to maintain and retain their precision for a long time, ensuring the highest levels of precision and repeatability for each clamping situation. 
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Easy and intuitive handling
Parts can be mounted easily by turning a conveniently positioned handwheel. Usually, this can be done by a single operator. For tightening the clamping, all chucks come with dedicated mounting pins.

Reliable, durable and precise 

Swift-Fix Chucks are produced in Switzerland to the highest production and quality standards. The choice of materials ensures the chucks do not corrode over time and remain precise and easy-to-handle.

Modular setup for flexible part holding
Three-jaw chucks can be used for inner and outer clamping. Six-jaw chucks can be flexibly adjusted to changing applications with help of various position and stop pins. 

Various mounting options
Thanks to flexible mounting plates, Swift-Fix chucks can be mounted directly on machines or bore grid tables. Additionally, all available chucks are compatible with Hexagon Swift-Fix baseplates and Leitz rotary tables.
To see details about the components, visit Shop.HexagonMI.com or download the CAD files here
   FC-70SS3  FC-125SS3  FC-160SS3  FC240AL3 FC-125AL6   FC-160AL6
Jaws   Exchangeable jaws for inside or outside clamping  Exchangeable jaws for inside or outside clamping  Exchangeable jaws for inside or outside clamping  Reversible jaws for inside or outside clamping  Modular position and stop pins Modular position and stop pins
 Outside Diameter Chuck (D1)  70  125  160  240  125  160
 Clamping Range Outside (A)  1-71  1-126  1-150  1-288    
 Clamping Range Inside (I)  18-66  32-122  34-174  35-295    
 Clamping Range           5-156  5-196
 Material  Stainless steel  Stainless steel   Stainless steel  Aluminium  Aluminium   Aluminium
 Fixing  M4 / M8  M4 / M8  M4 / M8  M8  M4 / M8  M4 /M8
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