HP-L-20.8 Laser Scanner

Fast and Versatile Laser Scanner for CMMs and Portable Measuring Arms

HP-L-20.8 is rapid point-cloud capturing sensor for CMMs, and can be also be used on portable measuring arms. 

With adjustable line lengths and an increased data rate, this advanced laser scanner delivers accurate 3D point clouds at high speed, adapting automatically for excellent measurement results on even the most challenging of surfaces. Highly portable and easy to use, the HP-L-20.8 is a powerful tool for a huge range of metrology applications including feature inspection to CAD, freeform surface inspection to CAD, and reverse engineering.

The HP-L-20.8 produces first-class performance on complex workpieces made from the most challenging materials. With adjustable line lengths up to 220 mm and a speed of up to 150,000 points per second, this flexible laser scanner delivers accurate 3D point clouds at high speed.
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 Laser protection class  2 (IEC 60825-1: 2007) 
 Laser   Visibly red, (690 nm)
 Standoff and depth (Z)   180 +/- 40 mm
 Measuring accuracy ISO 10360-8:2013* (GLOBAL CMM)  
 PForm.Sph.D95%:Tr:ODS (MPL)
 Probe dispersion value
 36 μm
 PForm.Sph.1x25:Tr:ODS (MPE)
 Probing form error
 25 µm
 Point spacing (Min.)  13 µm
 Laser line width (At mid-field)  25, 51, 63, 130 or 220 mm
 Lines per second (max.)  100 Hz
 Data rate (max.)  150 000 pts/sec
 Ambient light of the sensor  40 000 lx
 Operating temperature  +5 to +45°C (41 to 113° F)
 Declared accuracy temperature range  +15 to +32 °C (59 to 90° F)
 Relative humidity  90% non-condensing
 Sensor size L x W x H  137x76x85 mm
 Weight  410 g 
 Power supply  DC 18 to 28 V, 170 to 200 mA, protected against polarity reversal
 Protection against dust and water   IP64 (IEC 60529) (except for warm-up connection)
 Storage temperature   -25 to +70 °C (-13 to 158° F)
HP-L Laser Scanners for CMMs Brochure
Case Study - CLAAS Agro, Tashkent, Uzbekistan