Absolute Scanner: Speed

Absolute high-speed scanning performance

Meet the fastest 3D laser scanner on the market

When it comes to high-speed 3D measurement, there’s simply nothing else in the same class as the Absolute Scanner range.

There’s the Absolute Scanner AS1, which can collect up to 1.2 million data points per second at a line rate of 300 Hertz – even at maximum data quality and scan line width settings – which allows for surface and feature measurement without any need to slow down to ensure data quality. The AS1 is also fully high-speed automation compatible, making new worlds of high-productivity measurement possible. With the AS1 programmed robotic scan paths no longer need be limited by data collection speed of the scanner – the AS1 has been designed to keep up with the world of smart manufacturing.

Then there’s the Absolute Scanner LAS-XL, with its scan-line width of up to 600 millimetres and standoff of up to 1000 millimetres, allowing for extremely high-productivity laser scanning of large surfaces and deep cavities normally out of the range of a tracker-powered 3D laser scanner.

The Absolute Scanner LAS completes the range, built on the same ‘flying-dot’ scanning technology as the LAS-XL. This makes it possible for multiple surface types, colours and finishes to be accurately scanned in a single scan pass through automatic exposure control for every individual measured data point, allowing for a significant productivity boost when 3D scanning complex multi-material parts.

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