QUINDOS jest doskonalym oprogramowaniem dla wspólrzednosciowych maszyn pomiarowych, sprawdzianów kól zebatych i wszystkich pozostalych zastosowan.

What’s New in QUINDOS 2020.1

QUINDOS 2020.1 is the latest release of Hexagon’s world leading analysis tool which combines the metrological core competencies of the aerospace, energy, automotive, and engineering industries.


QUINDOS is the most powerful analysis tool for many types of coordinate measuring devices and differing applications, mainly in power plant, automotive, aircraft and machine tool powertrain industries.


QUINDOS 7 features a CAD core, which allows displaying, zooming, moving and rotating parts in 3D.


QUINDOS features simple and fast gear measurements. Backed by adequate QUINDOS options, the operative range of a Coordinate Measuring Machine is expanded to a full value gear measuring machine.

QUINDOS Gear Cutting Tools

QUINDOS offers all functionalities for the measurement of gear cutting tools. Measuring gear cutting tools is useful only with high precision measuring machines due to the high precision requirements.


Whether cylindrical worms, worm wheels or double-enveloping worms - QUINDOS offers a software solution here, which fulfills all requirements. Cylindrical worms can be measured horizontally mounted as well as in upright position.

QUINDOS PowerTrain

The measuring software QUINDOS allows the inspection of nearly all special PowerTrain geometries which are industrially produced today.

QUINDOS Reshaper

Oprogramowanie QUINDOS w opcji Reshaper jest uniwersalnym rozwiązaniem dla różnych aplikacji.

QUINDOS Miscellaneous Options

In addition to the options for special parts the measurement software QUINDOS also offers enhancements, which are used for different part families such as pallet measurement, offline programming and 2D best fit, to give only a few examples.

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