Electronics Design Performance

Designing new products is easier with simulation software that shows the future

The overall performance of electronic products and systems is shaped by how different physical factors interact. Good design depends on understanding how improvements to one aspect of a product design impacts its overall behavior.

Thermal fatigue cycling, for example, is a major source of failure in components that is exacerbated by the need for increasingly smaller, more powerful, high density electronics. An understanding of thermal performance alone is not enough to address the issue. Designers and engineers also need to consider the interaction of thermal and structural factors.

In harsh, high performance environments this is aggravated by intense vibration. All of these elements combine to impact fatigue and durability. Hexagon’s powerful range of simulation tools work together to give designers and engineers the overall view they need. With Hexagon co-simulation, engineers can assess the system-wide consequences of design choices, significantly reducing the need for complex, expensive and time-consuming physical prototypes.

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