Przemysł ciężki

Pomiary na szeroką skalę ułatwiają pracę w przemyśle ciężkim dzięki produkcji opartej na danych.

Innovative tube measurement supports rail manufacturing

Whether in the roof, in the passenger cabin, in the bogie or in the engine room: mostly invisible to the passengers but indispensable for operation, tubes can be found everywhere in modern trains, both gas-carrying as air supply lines or liquid-conducting, for instance in the control or brake line systems.

Accuracy At The Service Of Geotrilho Project Engineering

The efficiency of the technology measuring processes from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, their technical training and proven effectiveness in the field of support, become available for Topographic and Geographic Engineering through projects from Geotrilho, a powerful Portuguese company located in Barreiro, a few kilometres from Lisbon (Portugal). Geotrilho provides services in various areas of the civil construction sector and public works projects, and combines the Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 and Leica B-Probe systems to carry out precision surveys.


Pomiary 3D okna luksusowych jachtów

Wytworzenie okna na w luksusowych jachtach jest bardzo wymagające ponieważ kształt tych okien zazwyczaj składa się z wielu łamanych powierzchni i zmiennym promieni. W celu pomiaru kształtu oraz wymiarów ramy okiennej, wykorzystano mobilny system pomiarowy DPA, który jest idealnym rozwiązaniem  do tego rodzaju zadania, ,udowadniając to w praktyce.

Enhanced Roadworthiness

“Wiener Linien” is the public transport company running the trams of Vienna and they’re involved in extensive track and vehicle construction too. Components of all descriptions are repaired or replaced and also manufactured from new.  The necessary precision and documentation is ensured by measuring on the machine tool using touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software from m&h.


Bezstykowy pomiar w Alstom

ALSTOM w Salzgitter, Niemcy, jest liderem w zakresie dostaw kompletnych rozwiązań kolejowych w postaci silników, wagonów, lokomotyw oraz wysoce zaawansowanych systemów sterujących. W celu uzyskania optymalnego dopasowania przodu pojazdu FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), Alstom wykorzystał bezstykowy system pomiarowy DPA z firmy AICON. Alstom, na podstawie własnego doświadczenia, bardzo ceni sobie mobilność i elastyczność w zastosowaniu tego systemu.


Kontrola jakości na dużą skalę

Turbiny gazowe o rozmiarach dochodzących do 13 metrów długości oraz pięciu wysokości, ważące do 400 ton: komponenty tej wielkości są głównym produktem fabryki Siemens w Berlinie, Berlin-Moabit. Stąd dostarczane są te wyspecjalizowane komponenty do elektrowni na całym świecie, gdzie muszą spełniać najsurowsze wymagania jakościowe. Niesłychanie wysokie temperatury, duże siły odśrodkowe oraz wibracje są stałymi obciążeniami- turbiny te są użytkowane w bardzo trudnych warunkach. 

Reaping The Rewards of Metrology

Agricultural equipment provider applies precision measurement to heavy-duty machinery manufacturing.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 monitors cutting of wind turbine tripods

Many 3D cutting jobs worldwide are done through HGG machinery. Founded in 1984, HGG is the world’s only company fully devoted to steel profile cutting providing both tailor made machinery and knowledge to the highest standards. The machines are sold worldwide to leading companies in the offshore, steel construction, process piping, shipbuilding and other industries.

Power 3 Precision thanks to the Hexagon Metrology Retrofit

Founded in 1902, LUFKIN Industries has been specialised in gearing for industrial applications for more than 80 years. Its global reputation as a manufacturer of highly reliable material is completed by its customer service long-renowned for being quick and efficient.   

Finishing With M & H

The software application NC Gage from m&h finally provides measuring functions on machines with controls from Fanuc and other Japanese manufacturers. In the past it was necessary to time-consumingly undertake inspection manually or on other machines, a process that often involved the risk of errors.

Flexible Laser Tracker System Facilitates the Processing Of Large Cast and Steel Components

At the DMR Produktionsgesellschaft mbH in Rostock there blows a fresh wind: previously, traditional measuring methods which were used had limitations; success is now guaranteed with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and Leica T-Probe. Now when the component can‘t get to the CMM, the CMM will go to the component.

Fluid Compression Technologies

The air surrounding us was imperceptible but always present, captured and compressed by high-precision high technology mechanical devices that generate powerful concentrated efficient effective flows.

Laser Tracker-Based Inspection of Machine Tool Components

When a customer of Talleres de Guernica’s asked for a precision chuck with 7 m diameter, the Spanish machine tool company designed a manufacturing process based on permanent quality control. With the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401, new business opened up.

Maximum Safety in Public Local Passenger Transport

In order to obtain a reliable database for the bogies of its new tramways the Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe und Stubaitalbahn GmbH has purchased a ROMER Absolute Arm. This mobile measuring arm not only provides the company with data for its guarantee claims, it also appeals because of its high measuring accuracy and because it is straightforward to use.

Points and forms Leica Absolute Tracker AT 401 at the Service of Mould Production

Corima Technologies capitalises on significant knowledge on casting equipment and the production of associated complex components. The company has specialised in electroforming, that is, a nickel or copper electrodeposit to obtain a form. This electrodeposit therefore consists of forming a very thick metallic deposit on a model with the aim of obtaining a mould or a technical component.

Portable Metrology for Large Scale Installations and Alignments

PES (UK) Ltd provides high quality engineered products and materials to global industries, along with specialist installation and design services. Operating in fields such as construction, formula 1, engineering, aerospace, printing, energy (onshore & offshore), automotive, rail, scientific and defence industries since 1979.

Radio Signals for Reliable Precision of Large Parts

On large machining centres and milling machines, the probe signals must be able to overcome large distances without delay and be transmitted from the interior of workpieces. At Bomacon, touch probes with wireless data transmission by m&h are proving themselves in daily use.