Zasilanie i Energia

Od turbin wiatrowych po elektrownie wodne - sprawdź w jaki sposób nasze przenośne i stacjonarne urządzenia wykorzystywane są w sektorze energetycznym.

Analysis of bearing shield deflection in a turboset at the Temelín Nuclear Power Station

The Temelín nuclear power station is a power plant that boasts the highest output of any in the Czech Republic. It produces electricity from two separate units at an installed capacity of up to 2110 megawatts.

Development of a virtual jig for precision assembly of a solar collector

Based in Pasadena, California, Sunvapor Inc. is a project and technology development company that delivers solutions for difficult-to-decarbonise challenges at the water-energy-food nexus. Sunvapor is pioneering the deployment of solar steam for industrial process heating, with commercial plants under development for biofuels distillation and food pasteurisation. Faced with the challenge of automating parabolic collector assembly, Sunvapor found a solution in Hexagon’s MoveInspect XR8 photogrammetry system. 

Speed and simplicity meet rigour and precision

Founded in Luxembourg in 1965, GRADEL has experienced remarkable growth and currently employs 60 people in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is active in the project management, design and assembly of special machines for industry, with a particular focus on the nuclear and space sectors, as well as in the production of sputtering
targets for the glass industry, using a patented process.


Large-scale metrology for oil industry production

Situated approximately 15 kilometres south of Singapore in a free-trade-zone on Batam Island, Profab has for 20 years been building a reputation as a leading producer of large-scale parts for the global oil industry. A part of National Oilwell Varco since 2015, the company manufactures everything from subsea structures, turrets and wellhead platforms to mooring systems and pressure vessels.

Reaching for the Stars with Hexagon

When an astrophysics researcher wants to explore a distant galaxy, discover the chemical composition of galaxies or find exoplanets, a simple telescope is typically no longer enough: we must add a “smart eye” to it.



Shambo Shindo, z siedzibą w samym sercu okręgu technologicznego w północnym Bangkoku, jest producentem miedzianych rur elementów układu klimatyzacji. Firma została założona we wrześniu 1994 roku pod nazwą F&S (Thailand) Co., Ltd i stanowi podmiot zależny Mitsubishi-Shindoh Co., Ltd, wiodącego japońskiego producenta produktów z miedzi i mosiądzu.

Integrated Measurement Technology for Maximum Quality

A power plant somewhere in Europe, in operation for many years or even decades. A component, such as a burner bend, is damaged and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. A spare part is needed immediately, since downtime causes high costs. Schmehmann Rohrverformungstechnik GmbH has the solution.


Stworzony do pomiaru łopatek

Łopatki do elektrowni wiatrowych są głównym produktem magdeburskiej firmy Enercon. Najwyższe standardy jakościowe oraz stabilność wymiarowa są stosowane w trakcie produkcji jako czynnik nie tylko wpływający na przyszły proces montażu łopatek, ale również na całościową wydajność turbiny elektrowni wiatrowej. Rzetelna kontrola jakości obejmująca cały proces produkcji jest kluczowym elementem całego procesu nadzoru. Kołnierze tych turbin, będące wrażliwym elementem łączącym z łopatkami i piastą są mierzone z użyciem przenośnej maszyny współrzędnościowej MoveInspect DPA.


Test napędu łopatkowego w IWES

Założony w 2009, the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES w Bremerhaven/Niemcy specjalizuje się w badaniach nad energią odnawialną. Od 2011 roku czerpie korzyści z posiadania optycznego systemu pomiarowego o nazwie MoveInspect HF, który to pozwala na monitorowanie wyników w czasie rzeczywistym, długotrwających testów, dając przewagę nad powszechnie stosowanymi potencjometrami łączonymi kablami.

Scientists use 3D measuring technology to research production methods for metal components

Generally speaking, the city of Bremen is known for its famous Town Musicians. However, passionate engineers know that Distortion Engineering is the new brand of this Hanseatic City. The term was coined by the University of Bremen where in 2001 the special research programme 570 was created with the same name, which attracts funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG). The Bremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) takes an active part in the programme. The Institute uses a Leitz Reference to try and find out the causes of distortion in typical automotive components. Another BIMAQ project is dedicated to wind power: it is intended that measurements of largevolume gear components provide valuable information for production optimisation.

Hydroelectric Turbine

Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 with SpatialAnalyzer

Based at Sion in the Swiss mountains, HYDRO Exploitation SA is a service provider that specialises in the operation of electrical installations and hydroelectric facilities.

Replacement Of The Stator In A Hydroelectric Plant Turbine

​The Francis Style hydroelectric turbines, in simple terms, are driven by water falling from a great height which turns the blades of an impeller at great speed, transforming potential energy into kinetic energy. The impeller is joined to a spindle by means of an axle. The spindle turns inside a stator transforming the kinetic energy of the impeller into electricity.

Przyszłość Energii

Trackery Leica Absolute Trackers kontrolują proces budowy ogromnych magnesów reaktora fuzji termojądrowej

Laser Tracker opens door to New Business Areas

Entrepreneurial acting means setting the course for new business opportunities. In industrial companies, the success of such plans stands and falls with identifying the right equipment. That’s why Basque engineering company Ingemat added a Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 to their tools.

Leica Absolute Tracker monitors cutting of wind turbine tripods

On behalf of a customer, Dutch company HGG developed a new type of bevel cutting system which has an integrated Leica Absolute Tracker with Absolute Interferometer. The tracker continuously monitors the cutting process.

Handheld Probing Solution Keeps Wind Turbines Turning

Globally, wind power generation increased more than fivefold since the year 2000. With the global trend toward limiting CO2 emissions and numerous governmental programs subsidizing or financing wind power generation, its share of global power generation is set to experience substantial growth in the foreseeable future.

Hexagon Metrology Boosts Blade Production

The company C.M. Menegazzi was established in 1982 and is still led by its founder Umberto Menegazzi, who has been joined by sons Roberto and Luca, respectively responsible for the accounts/sales and technical areas of the business. The use of state-of-the-art design and production technologies has always been key to C.M. Menegazzi’s operations: in the early ‘80s its main business was the direct copymilling of aeronautic parts and turbine blades, as well as parts of small, medium and large moulds. Shortly afterwards, with the adoption of CAD/CAM systems, processes began to be based on mathematical models.

Inspection and Auto Inspection with The ROMER Absolute Arm

Four buildings covering a total surface area of 20,000 m², four assembly halls each measuring 1,200 m² sitting on a site covering 35,000 m²... The Gonzales group, founded in 1971, has forged a solid reputation through its know-how, flexibility and reactivity as well as the quality of the services it provides. A designer and manufacturer of top-quality industrial equipment for major national and international customers, the company has successfully developed its know-how and reached the very summit of technicality in its specific fields of activity which include, among others, mechanised welding; the welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminium; precision mechanics; and large-scale machining. With a wide range of activities, Gonzales is present in all the sectors of industry, such as the tyre industry, the aerospace industry, the electric and hydroelectric sectors, the railway industry, etc.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 Ensures Efficiency of Hydroelectric Power Stations

Vorarlberger Illwerke operates ten hydroelectric power stations in the Montafon alpine valley in Austrian state of Vorarlberg and produces valuable peak-load and regulating energy. The company regularly investigates the efficiency of its turbines so that the power of the water can be converted into electricity as efficiently as possible. The base data for these investigations are created using a laser tracker system from Leica Geosystems.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 for inspection of Large Volume Wind Energy Components

In industry sectors where work pieces are large and heavy, mobility is everything for a measurement system. When accuracy and easy handling are the other functional requirements, there is no way around a portable CMM. Spanish machining company Lakber came to this conclusion and uses a high-end Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and a Leica T-Probe

Mobile measuring device from Hexagon Metrology Supports the Production of Electric Power Generators

We rely on energy for many purposes, and the fact is that natural energy resources are becoming ever scarcer. Renewable energy sources are worth investing in and supporting for the future, this is what DONAKO strives for as a manufacturer of electrical machine sub-assemblies, with world energy industry leaders among its clients. In its aim to produce perfected components and with its future-oriented outlook, DONAKO has decided to put its trust in a mobile measurement solution from Hexagon Metrology – the ROMER Absolute Arm. Thanks to this solution, improved quality of the production process has become a reality.

Portable Measuring Arm Ensures the Performance of Photovoltaic Modules

Europe‘s number 1 circuit board manufacturer, Austrian company AT&S, has developed a new type of solar module with a particularly high efficiency rating. A ROMER Absolute Arm is helping to make the most of the performance capabilities of the modules.

Probing Away Set-Up Times

Using Touch Probes and Software from M&H, Havlat in Zittau is able to significantly reduce set-up times and achieve secure, consistent manufacturing.

Partnerstwo Zapewniające Długotrwałą Jakość

Velan jest jednym z wiodących światowych producentów armatury przemysłowej, przodującym w jakości i innowacyjności. Firma została założona w 1950 roku i nadal wykorzystuje zaawansowane możliwości inżynieryjne i innowacyjność w celu tworzenia wyjątkowo trwałej armatury, która spełnia zasadnicze potrzeby dziedzin przemysłu takich jak energetyka, przemysł rafineryjny, chemiczny, petrochemiczny, celulozowopapierniczy, kriogeniczny, górniczy i stoczniowy.


Pomiary W Trudnych Warunkach

Dokładność wymiarowa oraz wysoka jakość wykonania są istotnym czynnikiem, ponieważ indywidualne komponenty są składane na otwartym morzu. Instalacje morskie są drogie i wszelkie niepożądane koszty powinny być minimalizowane.

Absolutna Mobilność I Precyzja

W maju 2014 roku przedsiębiorstwo energetyczne Vorarlberger Illwerke AG rozpoczęło realizację projektu Obervermuntwerk II - budowy swojej drugiej największej elektrowni szczytowopompowej o mocy 360 MW. Ten ogromny projekt realizowany jest w alpejskim masywie górskim Silvretta prowincji Vorarlberg na wysokości 1700 metrów w dolinie Montafon, pomiędzy dwoma zbiornikami zaporowymi Silvretta i Vermuntsee.

Wielozadaniowość I Jakość W Technologiach Pomiarowych

Lider w dziedzinie zrównoważonej energii i automatyki przemysłowej - Schneider Electric Group - tworzy produkty, rozwiązania i usługi, dzięki którym ekosystemy ich klientów stają się bezpieczne, niezawodne, wydajne i zrównoważone.

Liczy Się Tylko Kształt

Gry światowy ekspert w dziedzinie hydrauliki postanowił przenieść produkcję rur w nowe miejsce, System Kontroli Rur firmy Hexagon okazał się idealnym rozwiązaniem.

WorkNC Opens Doors For Collet Amblard

WorkNC has opened the door to new markets for a manufacturer of precision machine components and the production of pre-assembled units.  

5 Axis Edgecam and Javelin Pave The Way For AI-Met's Nuclear Diversification

Five-axis machining, and full traceability of parts, are combining to help an oil and gas specialist diversify into the nuclear market.