HP-L-10.6 Laser Scanning Sensor

HP-L - 3D point scanning at its best

The HP-L laser scanning sensor provides many benefits for metrology in a complete and powerful turnkey package via rapid point-cloud capture, including: Feature inspection to CAD (Thin walled / sheet metal parts), free form surface inspection to CAD and reverse engineering. The probe is available on Hexagon Metrology GLOBAL, ALPHA, DELTA, LAMBDA & BRAVO CMMs, allowing for fully automated system operation.

HP-L key features:
  • Fully automatic - No complicated settings or parameters to worry about
  • High precision - Sensor accuracy of ±20um
  • Unique 3 x zoom - variable optical resolution - user selectable 25mm, 60mm or 124mm line length with up to 2001 points per line. Perfect for quick surface inspection of large areas or measurement of small isolated features.
  • Real time automatic laser power control - Unique, technology allows the laser intensity to be optimised 10 times during measurement of every single point
  • Reliable and reproducible results at all times plus a high measuring acceptance angle of ±60°, even on machined surfaces
  • Suitable for measuring almost any material, including machined, semi-finished, stamped, forged, cast, painted metals, sand cores, carbon fibre, plastics, clay, rubber, wood and ceramic.
  • Fully compatible with several probe changers for multi-sensor measurement
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  • Highest integrity point clouds
  • Programmable 24, 60 or 124mm line length with up to 2001 points per line
  • Real time automatic laser power control captures almost any material, surface finish and color combination
  • No complicated settings or parameters
  • High measuring acceptance angle of ±60°
  • Ideal for fragile, flexible and soft parts
  • Fully compatible with several probe changers for multi-sensor measurement
  • Companion product available for Hexagon Portable arms
Laser Class 2
Standoff 170 +/- 30 mm
Line Width 24/60/124mm
Point Spacing (min) 25 µm
Line Rate (max) 53 Hz
Accuracy Statement (MPE) The sensor accuracy is defined by the Maximum Permissible Error (MPE) of the XY location of a calibration cylinder measured at any location through the XY range of the sensor.
Sensor Operating Temperature for declared Accuracy 15-32°C
Sensor Operating Temperature 5-45°C
Sensor Ambient Light Immunity 40 000 lux
Sensor IP Rating 64
Sensor Size L x W x H 134 x 72 x 60,5 mm
Sensor Weight 360 g (Autojoint) / 379 g (TKJ)
Controller Maximum Operating Temperature 50°C
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HP-L Laser Scanner Brochure
Case Study Volvo Car - Gent N.V. Belgium


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