Leitz Reference Xe

Leitz Reference Xe - The CMM for the SME

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), such as suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive industry are always under pressure. Speed, a consistently high standard of product quality and a good price-performance ratio are critical for the success or otherwise of the company. Therefore quality assurance is a crucial factor. Leitz Reference Xe is the solution.

The 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Hexagon Metrology brings conflicting requirements into the equation. Highly precise methods of measurement, sensors and software are part of the system - ideal for keeping product quality at a high level even for complex parts. But at the same time, we have looked at the costs of the Leitz Reference Xe under the microscope and have managed to give it a reduced price label. Now this coordinate measuring machine ticks both boxes: measurement performance and price.

Applications for the SME:

  • Initial inspection
  • Quality assurance during production
  • Fit-and-finish inspection
  • Process analysis

Measurement of geometric features of a variety of parts, for example:

  • Complex parts: engine blocks, camshafts, transmission housings
  • Prismatic parts
  • Tools
  • Gear teeth

For many industries:

  • Automotive
  • Machine-making
  • Power engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • and their suppliers.
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  • Mobile gantry with patented TRICISION technology, low centre of gravity, evenly distributed bearing loads for very efficient measurement and optimum stiffness, no foundation required
  • New Leitz control generation for integration of various Leitz 3D metrology systems for dynamic single-point probing, variable High-Speed-Scanning and self-centring scanning
  • Maintenance-free aerostatic guideways in all axes
  • High-resolution steel scales with incremental encoders
  • Linear temperature compensation for scales and inspected part
  • Driven by servomotors with steel-reinforced belt drives
  • Modular system of measurement and control electronics with integrated operational monitoring, CE marking
  • Measurement range (X x Y x Z): 1000 x 700 x 590 mm, 700 x 500 x 500mm
LSP-X5 probe head
This analogue probe head measures highly accurately even with extra-long probe extensions and heavy styli clusters of up to 500 mm long and 500 g in weight. The LSP-X5 has an anti-collision system for extra protection. With this probe head, users can measure mechanical parts with complex geometries. The LSP-X5 is available for Leitz Reference 10.7.6.

LSP-X3c probe head
This 3D scanning probe head is compact, fast and extremely accurate. It can carry up to 360 mm long probes and extensions as well as a variety of styli clusters. Combined with Leitz Reference 10.7.6 it can carry up to 360 mm long probes and extensions as well as a variety of styli configurations. With Leitz Reference Xe 7.5.5 the maximum probe length is 180 mm.

LSP-X1h probe head
Together with the the TESASTAR-m and TESASTAR-sm indexable continuous wrists, the LSP-X1h probe head can reach every feature of a part. It is designed for a probe with a length of 20 to 225 mm in the axial orientation. It can also be used with a probe with a length of up to 50 mm in the vertical orientation.

LSP-X1c probe head
The fixed probe head LSP-X1c carries up to 115 mm long probes in the axial orientation and 50 mm in the vertical orientation. Its small outer diameter allows measurements deep inside a work piece. LSP-X1c is compatible with Leitz Reference Xe 7.5.5.

CMM specifications and information about gear inspection

CMM specifications

Reference Xe, temperature range 18 -  22 °C


Measurement range X


Measurement range Y


Measurement range Z


 7.55 700   500  500
10.7.6 1000 700 590

Leitz Reference Xe, temperature range 16 - 26 °C


Measurement range X


Measurement range Y


Measurement range Z


7.55 700 500 500
10.7.6 1000 700 590

Information about gear inspection

Cylindrical gears:

  • Spur, helical, double helical, splines (internal and external)
  • Clutch gears (internal and external)
  • Gear segments (minimum No. of teeth: 1)
  • Gear racks

Bevel gears:
Straight bevel, spiral bevel, hypoid bevel, crown gears

Curvic couplings

Available interfaces:
Gleason GAGE 4/WIN; Klingelnberg KIMOS; DMG/Mori Seiki, Dop

Evaluation standards:

 Information about gear inspection with the Leitz Reference Xe

Reference Xe


Reference Xe


Module Range [mm] 0.1 - 100 0.5 - 100
Max. gear outside diameter - spur gear [mm] 450 650
Max. gear outside diameter - helical gear* [mm]  300 450 
Max. gear width [mm]   500 590
Max. shaft length [mm] 700 1000

*depending on module and styli configuration

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ISO 10360
Leitz Specification Factsheet
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Case Study: General Motors Powertrain - Uzbekistan


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