Arts and Culture

Unique artworks, archaeological findings and architectural masterpieces meet top-of-the-range measurement technology

In the course of history, humankind has created a rich cultural heritage in architecture, fine arts, archaeology and palaeontology, to name just a few. These magnificent artworks need to be preserved for us and for future generations. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence supports these efforts with the latest measurement technology.

More and more frequently, modern tools such as 3D optical scanners are applied for the digitisation of such cultural objects, for documentation, evaluation and archiving as well as for professional restoration and reconstruction. The data obtained often reveals previously undiscovered details that are difficult to detect in the original. Such methods also enable innovative new ways of organising research work, especially for international project groups.

Non-contact scanning presents a way to protect sensitive, sometimes thousands-of-years old pieces, without missing out on research opportunities. Plus, following the scanning process, the digital representations are available at any time for access online around the world.

To date, several unique and exciting projects in the field of arts and culture have been realised, in some instances resulting in sensational new discoveries. Applying the latest metrology technology to work with historical objects can be of great cultural importance.