Paperless Travellers

The Paperless Travellers digital documentation package enables manufacturers to record, store and share information digitally.

The Paperless Travellers solution creates a digital document pack that follows a product throughout the factory to record every action completed throughout production. Replacing traditionally paper based processes these digitalised travellers are essentially a digital twin of manufacturing operation work instructions, providing flexible access to the manufacturing information needed to produce goods and services to specification and at the required quality. Paperless Travellers ensure accountability and traceability to drive operational excellence and compliance. The solution can also show work instructions and capture product information as well as manage workflows, allowing progress only when all operations and inspections have been completed. 

Many organisations rely on paper-based processes and manual data entry into their software systems. Data may be siloed in multiple tools, making communication inefficient and getting the job done needlessly challenging. Going paperless with real-time data reduces IT expenses and hardware costs on the shop floor and improves operator productivity.  

Exchanging printed pages for digital insights 

The fully digitalised Paperless Travellers solutions allows real-time visibility, improved accuracy and increased collaboration throughout production. Recording key data from the manufacturing process is a critical step that must be completed, particularly in industries with stringent regulatory or safety requirements. Paperless Travellers simplify search processes, increase workflow efficiency and break down data silos, allowing easier communication and collaboration across departments by eliminating paper-based processes and enabling real-time online data access. 
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  • Ensure the latest instructions and documentation are presented to the right person at the right time 
  • Gain instant access anywhere to disruptions, quality issues and bottlenecks 
  • Monitor operations at multiple facilities in real time 
  • Escalate production anomalies and push notifications for downtime alerts 
  • Record results as they happen and validate input accuracy 
  • Link activity with asset status instantly