Downtime Tagging

Hexagon's solutions for downtime tagging bring human experience to the digital world, adding operator insight to your digital twin

Increase availability by identifying and eliminating root causes of downtime. Downtime Tagging provides a simple way for manufacturing operators to act as a ‘human sensor’, collecting valuable insights associated to any unplanned downtime event with just a couple taps on a phone or tablet. 

Most manufacturers can identify when an unplanned downtime event has occurred on an asset using PLCs and sensors. However, this data is not always rich enough to identify root cause. Downtime Tagging alerts operators when a downtime event occurs so they can assess the situation and provide additional context to the record. 

The Downtime Tagging solution therefore allows you to explain causes of loss simply and categorically in your operation so that you can attack the most painful root causes and prevent further downtime. Consistent and accurate insights drive the most impactful corrective actions to improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Increased productivity with contextual downtime data 

The ability to quickly provide user-generated context is a critical factor in establishing user acceptance of new digital technologies. Based on an intuitive mobile device interface, Downtime Tagging walks operators through a consistent process to use when tagging downtime events. The simplicity and usability of the app means operators can tag events in seconds, while standing right by the machine. The user-enriched data sets provide valuable insights to management, helping to increase reliability and OEE and move the organisation from a reactive to a proactive state.
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  • Enrich sensor and machine data sets with real-time operator insight 
  • Reduce non-value-added work with immediate line-side tagging 
  • Eliminate the guesswork by uncovering hidden losses 
  • Access digital downtime data records right at your machine 
  • Highlight root causes to understand losses related to downtime 
  • Eliminate paperwork and time-consuming data entry 
  • Track process-related downtime, even without PLC connectivity 
  • Feed and train your machine-learning engine, enabling predictable outcomes 
  • Ensure data integrity with timely and consistent downtime tags 
  • Complete a tag in as little as 3 to 5 seconds on any device 
  • Integrate the solution seamlessly with ERPs, data historians or quality management systems