Automated volumetric calibration for mass production

Calibration of highly accurate, compact multisensor measuring systems, CMMs and machine tools is typically a time-consuming task.

ETALON LINECAL speeds up calibration by making it simpler to acquire the geometrical deviations of highly accurate systems.

LINECAL is particularly useful for machines that have to be calibrated repeatedly, or for repeat calibrations of the same type of machines, for example in machine production facilities. It deploys an aluminium frame for arranging the measuring lines, which is specifically tailored to the type of machine to be tested. 

Within the scope of the measurement, the machine automatically runs all installed measuring lines sequentially and detects the deviations of the machine through a multi-channel interferometer. And it measures all of the 21 systematic geometry deviations recognised by ISO230-1, which determine the accuracy of a 3-axis machine. 

The easy-to-use TRAC-CAL and TRAC-CHECK software support LINECAL to determine with sub-micron accuracy positioning deviations, straightness deviations in both directions, yaw, roll and pitch as well as the squareness of the axes to each other. Volumetric compensation data can be generated directly in control-specific formats.
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Repeated calibration of small and medium sized 3-axis machines
LINECAL consists of a measuring frame with many fixed measuring lines. The frame can be placed on machines with pre-defined sizes. This makes it ideal for use on multiple machines of the same size, for example in machine production facilities.

Automated determination of all 21 deviation parameters
According to ISO230-1, there are 21 different systematic geometry deviations, which determine the accuracy of a 3-axis machine. All of these 21 deviation parameters can be measured with LINECAL.

Fast and accurate execution
All deviation parameters are captured extremely accurately with an interferometer and all the data is captured on the frame and processed by the software within one or two hours.
Measurements: Interferometer LI-3  24 x 25 x 10 cm³, 2 kg
Measurements: Switch S-24  24 x 25 x 10 cm³, 2 kg
Number of sequential channels  24 
Laser class  Up to 2 (eye-safe) 
Distance range  0,01 m - 3 m
Maximum axis speed  2 m/s
Temperature range  15°C – 35°C
Pressure range  800 – 1150 hPa
Humidity range  1 - 99 %
Resolution  0,001 μm
Measurement uncertainty  U(k=2)=0,05 μm+0,3 μm/m
Re-calibration interval for environmental sensors  max. 2 years
Re-calibration interval for laser source  6 years
Voltage and power  220/100 V, < 20 W