Hard Landing Stress Simulation

Simulation and Analysis Software to Optimise Aircraft Landing Gear Systems for Safety and Performance, Whatever the Operating Conditions

Robust and easy-to-maintain landing gear that can cope safely with a hard landing is integral to good, safe aircraft design.

But testing an array of potential landing gear designs for all possible landing conditions is costly and challenging, especially as a hard landing can cause energy to dissipate in ways that affect the entire plane structure. In addition, aircraft landing gear structures are complex moving mechanisms that require an understanding of how loads and forces are distributed in different situations.

Testing a hard landing in a virtual environment enables design engineers to determine the design for landing gear that best protects an aircraft and its passengers before running physical tests.

Hexagon’s simulation and analysis software solutions enable aerospace engineers to analyse landing gear design at a system level. It also enables analysts to explore the interrelated effects of other subsystems on the landing gear’s performance and vice versa. Engineers can also use simulation software to analyse different design variants and use statistical techniques to identify the optimal landing gear design.

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