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Delivering superior customer value through quality measurement tools

Established in 2014, Unique Measurement Services is a leading provider of services in quality measurement worldwide. The company prides itself on using advanced measuring equipment to provide high accuracy and high precision with fully automated machines. Unique Measurement Services is headquartered in Chennai, India, with offices in Coimbatore, Hosur and Bangalore. 

3D scanning supported by high-precision structured light scanning technologies

세상이 디지털화됩니다

폴란드 포즈난에 위치한 B3D는 리버스엔지니어링부터 3D 스캐닝, 3D 프린팅, 3D 모델링 및 고속 프로토타입에 이르기까지 모든 3D 서비스를 제공하는 신생 서비스 제공업체입니다. 플랜트 제조 및 공구 제조, 사출 성형의 유지 관리, 플랜트 서비스 및 품질 관리 분야의 국내외 고객에게 서비스를 제공하며, 최근에는 의료 분야의 고객까지 지원하고 있습니다.

더 큰 성공을 보장하는 향상된 효율성과 시간 절약

270년이 넘는 기간 동안 Villeroy & Boch라는 이름은 라이프스타일 시장의 욕실 및 건강, 다이닝 분야에서 고품질 세라믹 제품을 생산하는 기업으로 인식되어 왔습니다. 1748년에 설립된 이 회사는 독일 메틀라흐에 본사를 두고 있으며 유럽과 아시아에 13개 생산 거점을 두고 있습니다. 약 7,100명의 직원들이 고전적인 테이블웨어에서 위생 분야, 피팅, 가구, 장식용 아이템에 이르기까지 다양한 고품질의 세라믹 제품을 생산하고, 마케팅 및 판매를 담당하고 있습니다. 

L'Oreal is using a CMM for inspecting bottles and capsules

L’Oréal의 병과 캡슐을 대상으로 한 치수 검사의 정밀도 및 속도 향상

팔레트 모드가 장착된 다중 센서 기계 OPTIV M 3.2.2는 L’Oréal 캡슐 및 병에 정밀하고 자동화된 치수 측정을 제공할 뿐만 아니라 변형 및 병 수직성 등 다른 분석 기준에서 실질적인 포장 전문 지식도 개발할 수 있습니다. 

Procuring Sheet Metal Parts Efficiently With RADAN-based Web Shop

A contract producer of sheet metal components says its web shop played a major role in helping the business compensate for a downturn in automotive and mechanical engineering orders caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Streamlined, high precision measurement of household refrigerators

Founded in 1945, Sub-Zero is a leading player in the home appliances market. Over the decades, the company has developed a range of innovative products in refrigeration, wine storage, and outdoor kitchen appliances. For the new design of its Pro48/36 refrigerators, Sub-Zero innovated its fitting check process with Hexagon’s CALIPRI C14, increasing the quality and reliability of its products.

Uncovering the hidden past of steam locomotive manufacturing

A steam train not seen since the 1960s is being rebuilt by a group of engineering enthusiasts, assisted by the metrology experts at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). With a little extra help from Hexagon’s advanced industrial laser tracker technology, the team got the measure of a mysterious discrepancy between the original drawings and the actual locomotive. 

High accuracy and speed for large steel part measurement

Vemec is a leading company in the development, production and processing of components for the textile machinery sectors, machine tools, marble and glass processing plants, agricultural machinery and special machinery. Based in Ardesio in the province of Bergamo in Italy, Vemec has over the years specialised in the production of large-sized welded steel parts for companies that do not have facilities for the production of these.

Modern scanning technology for various scanning tasks

ITW Chemnitz was founded in 1992 as one of the first private research institutes established in Saxony after German reunification. In 1995, the business purchased the first model of the then new optoTOP system. This predecessor of modern 3D scanners was the first system based on newly patented miniaturised projection technology, which is used in an improved form in some of Hexagon’s structured light scanners today.

Pioneering composite inspection technology

The Composite Centre of the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is a state-of-the-art facility for advanced composite manufacturing research and development. Based in a dedicated extension to the AMRC Factory of the Future, in Rotherham in the United Kingdom, the centre’s research is focused on manufacturing and machining composite components, including hybrid parts that combine high-performance metals and composites in a single structure.

LK Precision doubles measurement speed with identical Hexagon coordinate measuring machines

LK Precision, which is situated in Skogås, near Stockholm, is expanding its measuring capacity with a new Hexagon measuring machine.

Portability and flexibility for maximum time savings

Construction Mécanique Badimon (CMB) is a family business specialised for over 30 years in the precision machining of mechanical parts of all sizes. Proudly certified to ISO 9001/EN 9100, the company has the means and the ability to produce high-quality outputs including tools, prototype parts, parts under pre-production and parts in small, medium and large series.

m&h touch probe with chamäleon technology - always adaptable

Because older touch probe models from some providers are no longer available or would be expensive and time-consuming to repair, Kissendorfer is converting to m&h touch probes. Their m&h IRP25.41 Chamäleon model can be adapted to the receiver systems of other manufacturers in existing machines. The ideal replacement, even when a fast remedy is required following a crash.

Clear plus for Accuracy and Productivity

Measurement and calibration in the production process not only increase safety, but also allow the operator to maintain tight tolerances, avoid rework and reduce overall
production time. Through individual cycle programming for Doosan lathes, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has helped to raise production at a leading manufacturer
of cylinder liners to a whole new level for medium-speed four-stroke engine.

Radio Signals for Reliable Precision of Large Parts

On large machining centres and milling machines, the probe signals must be able to overcome large distances without delay and be transmitted from the interior of workpieces. At Bomacon, touch probes with wireless data transmission by m&h are proving themselves in daily use.

More Speed and More Accuracy With Laser Tool Setters

For years, model and mould construction has been measuring using probes and software by m&h. Now tools are also measured in the machine using m&h laser tool setters – with significant improvements in manufacturing.

Finishing With M and H

The software application NC Gage from m&h finally provides measuring functions on machines with controls from Fanuc and other Japanese manufacturers. In the past it was necessary to time-consumingly undertake inspection manually or on other machines, a process that often involved the risk of errors.

Delivering top levels of Swiss accuracy

A measurement service provider in the small community of Büren an der Aare in the Swiss canton of Berne is pushing the boundaries of 3D metrology, helped by a Leitz Infinity coordinate measuring machine.

Small Company’s Smart Factory With WORKPLAN and RADAN

A sheet metal specialist is a perfect example of how a small company can build a successful digital ecosystem, bringing its factory in line with the Industry 4.0 philosophy of Smart production. 

Enabling efficient reverse engineering with a portable measuring arm

Modellteknik has been serving Swedish manufacturers since the early 1960s, offering a range of services from 3D product design, to machining of small to large components, to inspection and verification. 

Different Cutting Speeds on Same RADAN Nests for Beach

“One of the nicest things about RADAN is that we can program tooling at the part level.” Those are the words of Scheduler and Programmer Sue Conley, of Beach Manufacturing Company (BMC).

Clear plus for Accuracy and Productivity

Measurement and calibration in the production process not only increase safety, but also allow the operator to maintain tight tolerances, avoid rework and reduce overall
production time. Through individual cycle programming for Doosan lathes, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has helped to raise production at a leading manufacturer
of cylinder liners to a whole new level for medium-speed four-stroke engine.

Harvesting Quality

The strategy that has driven over a hundred years of development at agricultural equipment manufacturer CLAAS has been oriented towards innovation from the very origins of the business.

From Minutes to Seconds - Increasing Tube Measurement Efficiency

Blomberg & Stensson AB, based in Katrineholm in Sweden, runs a flexible production centre where it manufactures everything from prototypes to full line production of small and medium-sized series. It also offers construction, powder coating and assembly.


플라스틱 부품의 3D 품질 관리

독일의 Wirthwein社는 자동차에 들어가는 플라스틱 구성 부품, 철도, 전자 제품과 가전제품은 물론 의료 장비도 제조하는 회사입니다. 이곳에서는 AICON 스캐너를 사용하여 자사에서 생산한 구성 부품의 3D 데이터를 기록해 두었다가 기하학적 형상, 모양과 위치의 허용오차 등을 평가하고 CAD 비교 작업을 수행하고 있습니다.


DPA를 활용한 산업용 측정

Deutsche Bahn의 차량 유지보수 작업은 각기 다른 생산 영역별로 배정된 15개소 현장에서 수행됩니다. 디젤 다중 유닛 제품 분야에 속한 브레멘(Bremen) 공장은 여러 업무 중에서도 주로 차량의 대차 및 휠셋 복원을 담당하고 있습니다.


정밀하게 측정된 전세계의 파이프

독일 도르트문트(Dortmund)에 위치한 Bilfinger Piping Technologies GmbH의 핵심 사업은 최장 24m 길이에 최대 외경 2m에 달하는 거대한 파이프와 같이 엄청난 크기의 구성 부품입니다. 이 업체에서 직면한 커다란 도전 과제는 세계 곳곳에 산재한 현대식 발전소와 공장의 고열 발생과 같은 극한의 환경 요건을 이겨내는 튜브를 만들어야 한다는 점입니다. 따라서 한치의 오차도 없는 정확도가 필수 요소이며, 지금 AICON의 MoveInspect가 이러한 고객의 니즈에 부합하는 솔루션을 제공하고 있습니다. 

더 좋은 데이터로 좋은 품질의 캔 생산

기업에 금속 공업 서비스를 제공하는 회사로 설립하였다. 회사는 설립된 후, 오너의 헌신과 직원들의 전문성으로 업계에서 신뢰할 수 있으며 안정적인 회사로 자리잡았다. KarT는 처음에는 소수의 직원들과 시작하였으나 현재는 유럽 시장을 대상으로 유럽 기준에 따라 운영하는 회사가 되었더. 회사는 금속 및 플라스틱 처리, 공구 수리 및 사출 성형에서 나아가 현재는 생산 자동화 및 다양한 업계의 고객에게 맞춤형 기술 솔루션을 제공하는 것을 전문으로 하고 있다.

Measurement at the Cutting Edge

When it comes to high-precision measurement in a three-shift operation, slow processes and laborious conventional measuring technology can strain patience, effectiveness and efficiency. With a quantum leap in measuring technology, the traditional Swabian company Stihl has now significantly accelerated the quality testing of crankshafts and connecting rods at their main factory in Waiblingen, Germany.

Precision Metrology for Industrial Excellence

The benchmark on the French market for sheet metalworking and tube bending and an expert in working with aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel, the Poncin Metal Group provides a wide range of services and solutions, from prototyping to large-scale production.

Metrological Assets for Precision Machining

MPEB is part of the LLEDO Industries Group and has specialised in the precision machining of mechanical parts and equipment since 1989, notably in the aeronautics, nuclear, optical, medical and microelectronics industries.

Tooled for Success

Spanish firm benefits from high accuracy, increase in productivity and reduction in mould and die manufacturing times

Shape Is All That Matters

When a global hydraulics expert needed to bring tube production to a new site, Hexagon’s Tube Inspection System was a key part of the perfect solution.

A Highly Efficient Metrology Team

To run efficiently, machines require optimised throughput times and freedom from bottlenecks. As a part of quality assurance, this means optimising setup and measuring times and, in particular, reducing the programming time for measuring programs which enable the 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to operate as efficiently.

Greenfield Shows Radan Power to Tomorrow’s Engineers

Specialist CAD/CAM and logistics software from Radan is helping the largest sheet metal subcontractor in the South West of England to compete effectively with manufacturers in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Radan Intelligent Nesting Vital For Norlec

One of the UK’s largest sheet metal subcontractors says the Project Nesting function in the world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software, Radan, is essential for keeping the company competitive.

Keeping oil-hydraulic component supplier’s production cell at full flow.

Formed in 2002, 3B FLUID POWER SRL started as a contract inspection firm, working mainly with aerodynamic components. Gradually the company has moved into other industries, and now operates across the agricultural, aerospace and automotive sectors as well. The products manufactured at the site in Novellara, Italy, are primarily oil-hydraulic control units in cast iron or aluminium, but the company also produces some plastic parts such as oil filters.

Radmax from Vero Software

Radan “A Springboard” For 5-Axis Laser Pioneers’ Development Plans

The only sheetmetal subcontractor in the Irish Republic to offer 5-axis laser cutting, is using Radan’s specialist Radm-ax module as a springboard to becoming more design-focused.

Alphacam Automation Saves Hours of Programming Time

A leading manufacturer of point of sale and display equipment is looking to expand its range of CNC machining capabilities, and says Alphacam Advanced Router, from Vero Software, is integral to its plans.

From One Machine To Another

“The first time is always the hardest”. This phrase particularly rings true when you begin to use automated measuring technology. What you really need is a skilled partner and a measuring system that is easy to use. With Hexagon Metrology and the TIGO SF measuring machine, contract manufacturer Köppel AG, from Berneck, Switzerland, gets both.

Gear Manufacturer by Tradition

Experience, specialisation, product customisation – these are the three mainstays of BP Riduttori, a family-owned company based in the province of Venice. A small company but one with great technical expertise, for years many renowned companies in the transport, railway and pharmaceutical industries have relied on BP Riduttori to supply a vast array of gears and gear teeth.

High Precision Stroke for Stroke

Leaving a lasting impression, and imprint, across multiple industries is the goal of BRUDERER AG in Frasnacht, Switzerland. The Leitz PMM-G Coordinate Measuring Machine supports the machine building company with high-precision measurements at automatic stamping presses manufactured with a high degree of precision.

How To Start Serial Production Safely

For the companies in the Eindhoven region in Holland it goes without saying that they have their own clean room. That also applies to Mevi, a company specialising in processes, prototype and test series. For its quality assurance, the family-owned company swears by its Leitz PMM-C 8.10.6 made by Hexagon Metrology.

Meeting the Tightest Sealing Requirements is Top Priority

Creating the best quality products with a perfect seal is the goal of valve manufacturer müller co-ax ag in Forchtenberg, Germany. When the company developed its Quadax® butterfly valves for the regulation and control of different media in the most extreme applications, it needed a new and highly-accurate co-ordinate measuring machine. Installation of the DEA Global Advantage 20.33.15 from Hexagon Metrology has helped the company to reach its goals.

Process Reliability and Quality Are The Maxims

With their own in-house developed grinding machines, for tool maker Paul Horn of Tübingen, in-process on the machine measuring is a key function to ensure precision and efficiency of automated operations. The m&h 41.00-PP production touch probes continuously resist persistent coolant showers and grinding dust abrasion.

Simply Reliable

Large turning/milling centres with a large number of machine components are the metier of Weingärtner Maschinenbau. Radio-wave touch probes from m&h check the accuracy of the machining operations.

Surfcam Stops Totomak's Air-Cutting And Speeds Up Machining Cycle Times

Investing in Surfcam, from Vero Software, has improved a Turkish manufacturer’s cycle times by around 10 per cent, without changing any cutting conditions.

Scanning Probe

Measurement Strategy For Countering The Burden of Time

When it comes to complex gear measurement, slow processes and high programming expenditure can eat away at your patience and efficiency.

Radan Software

Radan Cuts It For HAL’s Laser And Punch Companies

Having one software package covering two different cutting technologies was top of the agenda when an engineering subcontractor specialising in CNC punching bought a company which focused on laser cutting.

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3D Model of Costa Coffee Machine

Radan Nests And Bending “Vital” For KMF

Manufacturing components for such diverse products as premium class aircraft seating, coffee vending machines and electrical distribution boards, the UK’s largest sheetmetal subcontractor says specialist CAM software is vital to nest a range of parts for several customers on the same sheet.

Manufacturing Versatility

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps component manufacturer deal with diverse customer demands.

Radbend Begins And Ends Radan Returners Process

Laser cutting on a fully automated Bystronic Fiber 3kw machine driven by Radan, now takes precedence over punching, for a leading manufacturer of sheet metal welfare units for construction site and road workers.

Radan Lights The Way For V & F's Multi Bend Tooling

Radan, the powerful CAD/CAM software for sheet metal applications, is lighting the way for an engineering subcontractor to carry out small bends as part of the cutting process on their punch press. V & F Sheet Metal Co. Ltd. manufacture millions of components every year – a number of which involve small bends that can be handled with multi-bend tooling installed on a Trumpf 3000R and programmed with Radan.