Manufacturing A Reputation For Quality

Öznur Defense and Aviation - Turkey

Aerospace component supplier’s ten year association with Hexagon Metrology establishes reputation for top-quality output.
Manufacturing over ten thousand different designs of workpiece every year and delivering them to customers in their thousands is no easy task. Ensuring that all these parts are up to the rigorous quality and safety standards required in the aerospace industry is even more of a challenge. Yet for Öznur Defense and Aviation, an aerospace manufacturer based at the Sincan Organised Industrial Zone in Ankara, Turkey, such challenges are just a part of daily business. Established in 1975, the company specialises in the production of tight-tolerance titanium, stainless steel and aluminium components for airframe structures, as well as plastic workpieces. All are manufactured to specific customer demands, and in recent years Öznur Defense and Aviation has grown its reputation around a willingness to embrace modern machining and control technologies.

“Our corporate culture places great importance on quality. We are especially proud of our ability to measure a wide array of products in all different sizes using 3D CMMs,” says Meric Ekiciler, who works in the production engineering department. “We purchased our first CMM, a DEA GLOBAL Status 7.10.5, in 2005. Hexagon Metrology was recommended to us as a supplier by several of our customers, many of whom also use Hexagon Metrology measuring equipment.” Since 2005, Öznur Defense and Aviation has built a strong working relationship with Hexagon Metrology and significantly developed its dimensional inspection capabilities with the addition of DEA GLOBAL Performance 5.7.5 and DEA GLOBAL Performance 9.20.8 CMMs. However, it was the purchase of new milling equipment that prompted the need for a larger-volume measuring machine, as Ekiciler explains: “We produce many different types of component, so the versatile DEA GLOBAL bridge-type range served our needs very well. But when we bought a 7-axis CNC milling machine capable of producing airframe components of up to 6 metres in length, we needed a much larger CMM to scale up our quality control.”

Based on their good experience of working with Hexagon Metrology, the Öznur Defense and Aviation team opted to install a DEA ALPHA 20.50.15 gantry-type machine. This solved the problems associated with the inspection of large components while fitting seamlessly into the quality control ecosystem already established around the other Hexagon Metrology CMMs.

Ekiciler concludes: “Our machines share a common PC-DMIS platform, which makes collating results easy, and the latest PC-DMIS CAD++ is really user friendly. After working with Hexagon Metrology for so long, we know we can rely on their services and problem solving skills for any future requirements.”


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