CoreView Teach

Software for automated 3D optical measurement, from planning through to execution

CoreView Teach offers complete functionality for planning, defining, preparing and executing fully-automated 3D optical measurement programs.

Installed on an automated cell, CoreView Teach metrology software provides all necessary functionality for effective and efficient automated measurement and for creating robot programs. Among other capabilities, it enables you to: 
  • Import 3D and nominal features data from CAD files
  • Define analysis tools and set standard and customised measurement information
  • Set placeholders for creating master reports and standard inspection reports on actual measurement results
  • Perform digital assembly and cross-section analysis
Once the measurement program is executed, users interface with and manage the automated measurement system using CoreView AM. The software also connects to the optional Virtual Programming, simulation and optimisation software module.
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Intuitive measurement routine programming
Create white light scanner system inspection routines with user-friendly tools, driving efficiency and insights with automated features definition and surface analysis.

CAD file data import
Import 3D and nominal features data from CAD files, with interactive feature definition based on 3D data.

Efficient reporting
Use simple placeholders for creating slides and standard inspection reports on measurement results.

Complete analytical control
Leverage defined analysis tools such as multiple cross sections, setting standard and customised measurement information.


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