CoreView AM

Software for management and control of automated measurement cells

The CoreView Automated Measurement (AM) module provides an intuitive interface for the operator to manage and control the automated measurement cell.

CoreView AM metrology software provides simple measurement tools to sequence parts, monitor cell operations, and view results and statistical information immediately at the end of the measurement process.

360-Powered-By-LightRunner-3Operators can efficiently choose programs to load and run while queuing parts for measurement. CoreView AM enables you to manage the operation of the measurement cell with ease. The user-friendly system even allows less experienced operators to maximise the benefits of CoreView AM, making it quick and simple to startup measuring programs, with results and status delivered in real-time. 

You can enhance insights into results by using CoreView AM to export data to Q-DAS, eMMA or CoreView Pro for statistical process control (SPC) analysis. 
당신에 대해
회사에 대해
Take full control of the cell
Manage the automated measurement cell with an intuitive interface easily operated by even less experienced users.

Increase visibility of operations and results
Get clear indications of cell status, plus real-time measurement results.  

Enhance insights
Link data output to SPC software for increased understanding of results and to drive continuous improvement. 


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360º Cell

첨단 3차원 광학 측정기술과 하이테크 자동화 부품이 결합된 360º Cell은 완전 자동화 검사 작업을 위한 턴키 솔루션입니다.