A simple operator interface for shop-floor inspection

Inspect is a standalone application that helps production-level CMM operators execute PC-DMIS measurement routines using a standard, simple graphical interface. In the latest release (4.2), INSPECT now integrates with the new EYE-D solution.

Inspect home screenInspect is the evolution of the popular Single Touch Interface+ (STI+), with an elegant interface and a modern platform that offers much more adaptability and easier access to platform improvements and feature updates. STI+ was designed to be simple to configure from the administrator level and even simpler to use from the operator level. It allowed users to choose a routine from a list and run even the most complex PC-DMIS inspections without ever having to launch PC-DMIS. Inspect brings this same workflow into a modern scalable platform with added features and benefits based on user feedback and surveys from the PC-DMIS user forum.

Inspect 4.2 works with the new EYE-D system that automatically identifies, aligns and launches a measurement routine for a part placed on a CMM, allowing operators to eliminate error and increase productivity. EYE-D is an option on selected bridge and shopfloor CMM’s. For more information visit our EYE-D webpage. The latest version of Inspect has also benefitted from an updated HomePage that gives easier access to common tasks such as recent files, favourites and playlists. It also now has a new discover section that contains additional information for the user. Inspect is free to download with PC-DMIS PRO, CAD and CAD++ however Pallet and Playlists are cost options and require a separate licence.

There are a number of additional improvements in Inspect 4.2, a new measurement status screen that clearly shows the progress of routine execution and many other UX improvements. To see more of these new features and improvements please see the video below or click to our support page.


Inspect 4.2

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It’s Free
INSPECT software is free for new and existing users of PC-DMIS 2017 R1 and up. It is included with the PC-DMIS installer so there’s nothing more to getting started other than launching the software and following the easy-to-customise interface.

It’s Easy
INSPECT is a deliberately easy-to-use inspection tool. It has only three functions: Measure, Report, and an optional Slideshow. Simply point the Measure tab to the PC-DMIS Measurement Routine folder (wherever PC-DMIS programs are located) and the Report tab to wherever PC-DMIS Inspection Reports are stored, and you’re set.

It’s Scalable
INSPECT is as simple as you want and as involved as you need it to be. With the optional Slideshow tab, you can create real-time graphical reporting to help operators immediately realise and resolve manufacturing defects as well as reduce cycle rework times. 

It Works
INSPECT offers a modern Single Touch Interface for Shop-Floor CMMs for anyone needing to protect measurement routine integrity while simplifying access and execution.
Recommended System Requirements 
As per the latest version of PC-DMIS. 


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