Industrial Robot Calibration and ISO Performance Testing System.

Innovative software solution delivering full calibration and performance testing functionality for industrial robotic systems. 

The RoboDyn robot calibration and inspection system delivers complete robotic control, making it simple to get the most out of the precision, flexibility and intelligence automated systems have to offer.

With the ability to calculate robot base alignment and tool centre point offsets as well as directly correct and compensate for robot parameters, the RoboDyn software is the perfect tool for improving absolute positioning and performance of robotics. Designed to meet the demands of the ISO 9283 standard, RoboDyn guarantees accuracy and reliability throughout automated operations.

Simple and easy to use, RoboDyn allows for on-the-spot modification of robot models, followed by fast recalibration. Coming alongside the full capability for offline simulation, RoboDyn has the potential to transform process productivity across manufacturing, installation, testing and logistics areas.

For static and dynamic data acquisition, RoboDyn requires use in conjunction with a quality Leica Absolute Tracker featuring precision, speed, large measurement range, portability and the capacity for 6DoF measurement.


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  • The Robodyn simulation module can be used to represent and analyse line-of-sight issues and offline path creation before connecting to the physical system. 
  • Path accessibility feedback (joint limitation, inverse kinematics, etc.).
  • Simulation PTP, line, arc and spline curve movement.
  • Robot movement analysis using two-dimensional systems.


  • The calibration module provides a fast and intuitive process for aligning the robot to the laser tracker and calibrating the robot’s kinematic configuration in order to improve absolute positioning accuracy. 
  • Calculation of base alignment and TCP offset.
  • Calibration of DH parameters with accuracy to standard or modified conventions.
  • Automatic creation of calibration paths.
  • Flexible workspace and temperature fluctuation specific calibrations.
  • Support of linear axes.
  • Robot interfacing through direct communication, I/O or stable probing for highest level of flexibility and compatibility.


  • The ISO test module allows for accuracy and performance testing according to ISO 9283 standard with any industrial robot. 
  • Compliance with ISO 9283 standard.
  • Flexible definition of required tests and duration.
  • Automatic creation of robotic inspection path.
  • Flexible definition of working zones.
  • Direct control of robot and laser tracker.
  • Numerical and graphical inspection report production.
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Hexagon의 연간 국제 컨퍼런스 HxGN LIVE에서는 감동적인 기조 연설, 열린 네트워크, 눈 여겨 보아야하는 첨단 기술들을 제공됩니다.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT403

휴대성, 단순성, 내구성 및 측정 효율성에 새로운 기준을 수립할 새로운 올인원 대용량 레이저 트래커 시스템.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960은 1개의 휴대용 가방으로 운반할 수 있는, 강력한 일체형 레이저 트래커입니다. 빠른 다이내믹 측정을 기본으로 제공하는 AT960은 6자유도(6DoF)의 프로빙, 스캐닝 그리고 리플렉터를 활용한 측정은 물론 자동화 검사를 위한 완벽한 솔루션입니다.