Tube Inspection System

Tube measurement, gauging and production with the Absolute Arm

Available as a turnkey hardware and software package, or as an upgrade to existing portable measuring arm units, the system uses the powerful Absolute Arm portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) alongside specially designed non-contact tube probes and the state-of-the-art TubeShaper software to accelerate the measurement and inspection process, with the absolute minimum of intervention.

Hexagon Metrology’s Tube Inspection System is a total solution for all measurement needs associated with tube, pipe and wire production:

  • Tube production
  • Tube and pipe inspection
  • Reverse engineering of tubes and tube assemblies
  • Tube gauging

  • The easy-to-handle Absolute Arm uses non-contact tube probes, available in six different sizes, to measure tube length and bend angles as XYZ, LRA or YBC values, while standard touch probes ensure that full tube assemblies – including any welded fixtures like brackets or hangers – can be measured.

    The state-of-the-art TubeShaper measurement software has been designed specifically for tube inspection with the Absolute Arm, and represents a totally new beginning in software use in this sector. Using a completely original interface, TubeShaper has been designed with some of the world’s leading tube producers to create a product that brings you valuable measurement and process information as simply and quickly as possible.

    CAD models of tubes and tube assemblies can be imported directly, while interfaces to CNC tube bending machines ensure real-time correctional data is transmitted directly to the bending machine itself. Measurement plans can be created offline prior to measurement, or even automatically during first-part inspection. These routines can be recalled and run at any time, meaning that batch measurement is both fast and easy. All measurement data can also be exported in IGES file format for reverse engineering applications, without the need to manage complex point cloud data. Tube measurement has never been so complete.


    TubeShaper @ Numalliance

    당신에 대해
    회사에 대해
    측정 범위: 2500mm 및 6000mm
    신뢰성 및 견고성 (카본 파이버 및 항공기용 알루미늄)
    직경 2 mm에서 180 mm까지 측정 가능
    사용이 편리한 소프트웨어 인터페이스

    굽은 튜브 검사 (와이어, 파이프 등등)
    XYZ 또는 LRA(벤딩 포맷)에서 측정 가능
    베스트 피트, 3-2-1, 평면 라인 포인트 또는 하드 포인트 기법으로 튜브 평가기준 계산
    자동 벤딩 프로그램 수정

    The Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Tube Inspection Solution is comprised of three elements chosen to fit customer requirements:

    • Choice of ‘T’ Series or standard model of Absolute Arm:
      • The ‘T’ Series of the Absolute Arm is designed for the tube industry, and features a stronger counterbalance for faster tube measurement and improved ergonomics. It is available in two measuring volumes: 2.5 m and 3 m.
      • The standard Absolute Arm is more suited to customers who need to measure more complex parts like brackets, flanges and fixtures.
    • Choice of Tube Probe: There are 6 sizes to choose from according to the diameter of the tubes you need to measure. All Tube Probes are compatible with all Absolute Arm models.
    • TubeShaper software
    Technical Data: Absolute Arm / Hardware

    Measurement volume (Standard Absolute Arm):  1.2 m-4.5 m (3.9 ft.-14.8 ft.). 
    Measurement volume (Absolute Arm ‘T’ Series):  2.5 m or 3 m (8.2 ft. or 9.8 ft.). 
    Tube diameter:  4 mm-130 mm (0.15 in.-5.1 in.)
    Working temperature:  0˚C-50˚C (32°F-122°F)
    Storage temperature:  -30˚-70˚ C (-22°F-158°F)
    Relative humidity:  10%-90% non-condensing
    CE conformity:  Yes
    Power requirement:  Universal worldwide voltage 110V-240V

    System accuracies

    Absolute Arm ‘T’ Series
     Model   Measuring range  Point Repeatability  Volumetric accuracy  Arm Weights
     7325T  2.5 m / 8.2 ft.  +/- 0.044 mm / 0.0017 in  +/- 0.059 mm / 0.0023 in  7.7 kg / 17.0 lbs
     7330T  3.0 m / 9.8 ft.   +/- 0.068 mm / 0.0027 in   +/- 0.086 mm / 0.0034 in   8.0 kg / 17.6 lbs

    All specifications according to B89.4.22. Certification is also available to VDI/VDE 2617-9.

    Tube Probe range and Tube Inspection System accuracy (Absolute Arm + Tube Probe)

    Tube Probe Size 1 Tube Probe Size 2 Tube Probe Size 3  Tube Probe Size 4 Tube Probe Size 5 Tube Probe Size 6
    Tube diameters of 4- 13 mm(0.15-0.51 in.) Tube diameters of 6- 20 mm (0.25-0.75 in.) Tube diameters of 10- 40 mm (0.40-1.6 in.) Tube diameters of 12- 65 mm (0.5-2.5 in.) Tube diameters of 20- 85 mm (0.75-3.3 in.) Tube diameters of 30- 130 mm (1.2-5.1 in.)
      System accuracy = Arm volumetric accuracy + 0.1 mm
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