6D measurement of engine motion in vehicle testing


6D measurement of engine motions is carried out with EngineWatch. The system is applied both on the test track and at the test bench. Dynamic testing is made more efficient, while the measurements are much more accurate than with mechanical systems.

Mounted on a fixture above the engine compartment, the high-speed camera directly focuses the engine block. The camera consists of a high resolution CMOS sensor, an integrated high performance flash, and an image analysis processor. With a frequency of 500 Hz at full resolution, the camera features extremely short shutter speeds of just a few micro-seconds. It also ensures the system is robust and long-term stable, which is necessary for long-duration tests.

The measuring principle is based on the detection of relative movements of two solid bodies. Reference targets are placed on the engine block and on the car body, so that the camera focuses both targets at the same time.

Setup and calibration of the system take less than 30 minutes. The position of the camera in relation to the engine block does not need to be stable as the system references itself continuously using the reference targets. Camera movements do mot influence the measuring results either.  

The measuring images are analysed in the sensor. Thus, only the digital data are transferred to the notebook computer in real time, not the entire images. EngineWatch calculates the positions of the measuring points in X, Y, Z, and the rotation angle (alpha, beta, gamma) as absolute values in the vehicle coordinate system. For the presentation of the results, a path-time-diagram is created showing the X, Y, Z movements in the vehicle coordinate system. In order to visualize the measured movements in a CAD system, the measuring results can be exported to post-processing software via an interface. 

당신에 대해
회사에 대해
  • 짧은 셋업 시간
  • 높은 정확도
  • 센서와 엔진 블록 간의 기계적 연결이 불필요
  • 센서가 흔들려도 데이터를 보정하는 동적 레퍼런스 기능
  • 여타 대상물의 거동 분석에도 적용 가능한 고속 카메라(차량 테스트 분야에만 응용 제한)
  • 다른 정적 및 동적 측정 업무용으로 확장 가능

시스템 구성 부품:

  • 고속 카메라로 구성된 MoveInspect 기본 시스템
  • 장착 프레임
  • 액세서리 세트
  • 카메라 1-4대용 싱크박스(캐스케이드 형)
  • EngineWatch 소프트웨어가 내장된 노트북 
  • 코드화된 타겟 1세트(ANCO-코드) 
  • 자석 마운트 장착용 50개 
  • 운반 케이스가 포함된 캘리브레이션 패널


운영체제 Microsoft© Windows© 7 (64 비트)
전원 공급 주행 시험: 12V 차량 전원 시스템; 테스트 스테이션: 90-240V
최고 획득 주파수 500 Hz
동기화 디지털 타임 스탬프, 마스터/슬레이브 모드, Clock / Enable IN/OUT (TTL o. 20 mA Loop)
EngineWatch 데이터 세트 X, Y, Z, 알파, 베타, 감마, 사진 번호, 타임 스탬프(ASCII-포맷)
측정 볼륨(X, Y, Z) 1,000 x 1,000 x 500 mm
XYZ 정확도/각 정확도 ± 0.1 mm / ± 0.015°

 기술 사양은 예고 없이 변경될 수 있습니다.

Vehicle Dynamics Testing Brochure


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