m&h Production Probe Systems

m&h production probes with their precision measuring mechanics meet all requirements needed for use on machine tools. Our advantages include the ability to withstand constant vibration, increased temperatures and contact with coolant. Despite these factors, m&h precision mechanics ensure wear-free high-precision measuring year after year.

m&h Production Probe PP41.00

The production probe PP41.00 is fully compatible with other systems available on the market because of its M16x1 connection thread and its small dimensions. It fits many application possibilities on tool grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, rotary transfer machines and special measuring tasks.


Hexagon의 연간 국제 컨퍼런스 HxGN LIVE에서는 감동적인 기조 연설, 열린 네트워크, 눈 여겨 보아야하는 첨단 기술들을 제공됩니다.