HxGN SMART Quality: Resource Management

Manage resources, improve workflows and organise operational tasks in HxGN SMART Quality

HxGN SMART Quality Resource Management
Determining how assets are currently used enables you to become proactive in your resource management, optimising utilisation and shaping smarter workflows.

Information is generated every day by machines, devices, environmental monitors and personnel in the field. HxGN SMART Quality’s extensive resource and workflow management toolset enables you to aggregate and interpret this data into intelligence you can use to actively improve efficiency and productivity.

Allowing visibility into machine, equipment, environment and personnel status as well as providing robust tools for scheduling and process development, the resource management functions in HxGN SMART Quality enable more efficient management of measurement, test and assembly systems, devices and production equipment, standard workflows and measuring tasks.

HxGN SMART Quality allows you to model the structure of your organisation within the system, so you can access useful information such as measuring machine status and utilisation data in a meaningful context for your business. Even if you are responsible for several factories across multiple locations, you can manage resources for the enterprise through a single dashboard and check KPIs. Your real-time operational status, including detailed task and workflow information, can be viewed instantly for remote management. HxGN SMART Quality also supports the PULSE environmental monitoring system as an option, adding real-time workshop condition data to the insight you gain.

Managing your resources with HxGN SMART Quality also enables you to organise work processes and tasks, ensuring that key data-capture activities are conducted as part of regular operations, and providing operators and managers with a means of implementing improvements based on the information these operations provide. Changes can be synchronised with operations directly within HxGN SMART Quality – for example you can approve and release new inspection plans and measurement routines to your teams or change the scheduling of tasks to support your continuous improvement process.
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HxGN SMART Quality: Resource Management

Detailed View of Each Machine
Offers detailed information on equipment to give users full control over assets.

Built-In Workflow and Task Management
Enables the automation of work processes for increased efficiency.

Open Structuring Capability to Reflect Each Business
Provides users with the ability to check overall performance from all devices and factories in their remit.

HxGN SMART Quality Resource Management Fact Sheet

Customer Success

Read the thoughts of Jeff Livingston at medical device manufacturer Zimmer Biomet, an early adopter of HxGN SMART Quality.

HxGN SMART Quality Resource Management Fact Sheet

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