Intelligent sensor automation for coordinate measuring machines

SENMATION Intelligent Sensor Automation
Offering fully-automatic sensor exchange within a part program, the SENMATION universal sensor interface transforms your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) into a multisensor inspection device capable of completing the most intricate measurement challenges.

SENMATION adds flexibility to your metrology setup, ensuring the most effective measurement method can be selected at all times to deliver the best possible results in the most efficient way – with no user intervention required.

SENMATION is a universal sensor interface system that enables easy exchange of sensing technology. With seamless shifts between inspection methods, it allows you to utilise both tactile and optical sensors within the same measurement program to ensure the right type of sensor is used for every feature of the workpiece.

Integrated directly into the CMM quill, SENMATION uses a sophisticated probe recognition system to quickly identify and check the status of the loaded sensor. With no need to recalibrate after exchange, the system delivers smooth changes and fast measurement operations. A universal sensor switch and intelligent sensor module mean that SENMATION can accept all common sensor types, while the scalable nature of the system means that additional sensors can be integrated in future.

With SENMATION, you get the flexibility to select the best sensor for accessibility on difficult to reach features or fragile surfaces, making even the most complex measurement routine easy to program.


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Tactile and non-contact inspection methods
SENMATION enables complex measurement routines to be actioned on a single machine, saving time and costs spent on inspection while maximising machine productivity.

Mechanical sensor exchange
Reliable and error-free sensor exchange takes place automatically within a program, allowing CMMs to complete multisensor inspections without operator intervention. 

Automatic sensor recognition

The SENMATION universal sensor interface uses a probe recognition system to identify which sensor is loaded, enabling measurement to continue with no need for calibration.

Scalable platform interface
The standardised interface makes SENMATION a future-ready platform solution, with new sensor types easily integrated as they become available.
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