Entry-Level CMMs

Dedicated entry-level coordinate measuring machine (CMM) systems for cost-conscious manufacturers requiring basic quality measurement.

Designed for Practicality and Cost Efficiency

For manufacturers looking to purchase their first coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or increase capacity in their current quality process it is crucial that CMM performance is matched by affordability.

Entry-level CMMs deliver dependable accuracy and reliability in a single machine that fulfils all basic inspection requirements.

GLOBAL Classic

GLOBAL Classic는 다양한 부품의 치수 검사용으로 사용되는 경제적인 다목적 CMM입니다.


PIONEER는 3차원 측정기를 처음 구매하는 경우와 최고의 가격 대비 성능 비율을 갖는 여러 대의 CMM이 필요한 양산 작업 현장에 알맞은 측정기입니다.


The Explorer is an affordable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that addresses a variety of application requirements.


Providing multifaceted yet cost-effective dimensional inspection capabilities, CROMA offers the ideal option for customers looking to purchase their first coordinate...

4.5.4 SF

The 4.5.4 SF coordinate measuring machine excels in tough shop-floor conditions. It draws its inspiration from over fifteen years of shop floor machine production...

Customer Success

See how Hexagon customers are benefitting from Entry-Level CMMs

Precision in Partnership

Learn how EQIC utilises entry-level CMM systems to assure its status as a market leader, and how its manufacturing and assembly processes rigorously follow well-known international standards.

Ensuring the Form of Bathroom Taps

Throughout the world, Hansgrohe AG stands for modern, designer-looking bathroom solutions and innovative sanitary products. Learn how GLOBAL machines are used to ensure the...

Ergonomic Lightweights

Airlines and aeroplane manufacturers are facing the challenge of transporting people and freight more efficiently. Learn how RECARO Aircraft maintains its high quality standards using a GLOBAL CMM.


Hexagon의 연간 국제 컨퍼런스 HxGN LIVE에서는 감동적인 기조 연설, 열린 네트워크, 눈 여겨 보아야하는 첨단 기술들을 제공됩니다.

Enhanced Productivity Series CMMs

The Enhanced Productivity Series combines various technologies tailored to address your production challenges ranging from increased measurement throughput to extended...

중고 복원 장비

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence는 기존의 3차원측정기 및 이동식 측정 시스템을 포함한 광범위한 중고 측정 장비를 공급 및 지원합니다.