Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division to reveal new range of smart factory technologies

The manufacturing solutions specialist will showcase the digital transformation products in its debut live stream launch event

2020년 6월 30일 화요일

In its first ever virtual product launch event, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division will reveal a range of innovative solutions designed to assist organisations with digital transformation and drive productivity in their operations. The new technologies will enable manufactures to shift quality inspection workflows from manual, repetitive work to more value-added tasks, all while maintaining throughput.

Broadcast on 21 July 2020 at 14:00 BST, the launch event will begin with a keynote address from Paolo Guglielmini, President, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, discussing how Hexagon is supporting manufacturers’ journeys towards the Smart Factory. Following the keynote, Hexagon product experts will offer insights into the four newly launched technologies.

“There’s a lot of talk in the industry about the Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, and digital transformation,” says Paolo Guglielmini. “These are all crucial to achieving the productivity needed in today’s competitive industry, but they can sound daunting. This broadcast is all about showing that such initiatives don’t necessarily require a single, costly investment, but that cumulative quality and production efficiency gains can be achieved with step-by-step implementation of smart technologies such as those being launched in this exciting event.”

The livestream will be broadcast in part from the recently renovated division headquarters in Cobham, UK and will be available to viewers worldwide. More information on event registration can be found at hexagonmi.com.

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