Hexagon hosts charity golf tournament at HxGN LIVE Smart Manufacturing | Detroit 2020

Proceeds to benefit Focus: HOPE and its mission to provide workforce education and opportunities for Detroit's metropolitan community

2020년 2월 24일 월요일
Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division announced today it will host a Charity Golf tournament on Monday, May 18 to kick off their premier event HxGN LIVE Smart Manufacturing | Detroit 2020 on May 19 - 20, 2020. The 18-hole, 4-person scramble will take place at the Links at Novi golf course, a short distance from Hexagon's newest U.S. facility and regional cornerstone in Novi, MI. The entry fee includes greens fees to compete in the tournament, lunch, a steak dinner and awards ceremony to announce the winners of several prizes. The golf tournament will raise funds and awareness for the benefit of Focus: HOPE in Detroit, MI. To register or for more information about the tournament, visit here. For more information about the multiple levels of sponsorship opportunities to support the fundraiser, please contact Megan Keating at marketing.na.mi@hexagon.com.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Focus:HOPE, a Detroit-based non-profit organization actively engaged in intelligent and practical action to overcome racism, poverty and injustice in their vibrant metropolitan community. Focus: HOPE's education and workforce development programs prepare individuals for success when competing for jobs in various high tech industries. Their training programs include pre-apprenticeships and provide the foundation for entry-level positions in integrated Advanced Manufacturing, machining, quality, robotics, logistics, and information technologies. Students may go on to earn stackable, industry recognized certifications from FANUC, MIOSHA and National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS). For more information about Focus:HOPE, visit here.

"We are excited to kick off our HxGN LIVE Smart Manufacturing | Detroit event by raising both awareness and money to support the mission of Focus:HOPE. This non-profit organization is working hard to provide the training programs needed to help students enter the manufacturing workforce," states Bridget Benedetti, Marketing and Customer Experience Director of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division in North America. "Focus: HOPE was established in Detroit in 1968 and has grown to be a tour de force in the local community. Their leadership in workforce development and manufacturing/ IT education has provided valuable, real-world work experience for students. We are proud to support their inspirational work and invite other like-minded companies to join us in our fundraising efforts." 
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