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Additions to Optiv Performance line broaden application potential with larger measurement range

2016년 9월 27일 화요일
Leading metrology and manufacturing solution provider Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence today unveiled its latest multisensor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), the new Optiv Performance 663 and 664 Dual Z.

The multisensor concept of the Optiv Performance line enables a variety of sensor configurations for tactile and contactless measuring and scanning tasks in a single system. Different workpiece features can be inspected by the appropriate sensors without reclamping, saving valuable measuring time.

Based on the same technology as the highly-successful Optiv Performance 443, the new CMMs feature low-vibration granite construction, precise mechanical linear guides on all axes, backlash-free precision drives, and integrated temperature compensation – resulting in a level of structural quality that means the machines can be used close to production. With the Optiv Performance 663 boasting a measurement range of 610 x 610 x 305 mm and the Optiv Performance 664 taking the Z-direction range up to 405 mm, the new CMMs further increase the range of parts that can be inspected.

To ensure optimal use of the entire measurement volume, the new Optiv Performance models can be equipped with Hexagon’s Optiv Dual Z option, giving them two independent vertical axes for the optical and tactile sensors. This prevents the inactive sensor from impeding machine movement, so features deep within the workpiece remain accessible for easier part programming and the risk of collisions is minimal. Optiv Dual Z technology also enables the use of a motorised indexable probe head as a carrier for the tactile sensor.

The Optiv Performance 663 and 664 Dual Z also offer a simple and quick solution for measuring tasks involving rotationally symmetrical workpieces. Features distributed around the circumference of the part are made accessible by clamping in the workpiece using the CNC rotary axis. This Optiv Dual Rotary option allows the entire rotary axis to swivel on an additional axis.

“Our customers are increasingly asking for versatile equipment and the new Optiv Performance 663 and 664 Dual Z models were created to fulfil this exact need,” said Wolfram Fröhlich, Commercial Product Manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “It is a futureproof measuring system capable of handling a variety of different measuring and testing tasks. The innovative Optiv Dual Z and Optiv Dual Rotary options help CMM users to find the ideal positioning of sensors and the workpiece for measurement performance beyond current limits.”

Also available as an option on the Optiv Performance 663 and 664 Dual Z is Hexagon’s CMM monitoring system MMS PULSE. Using a network of sensors to monitor temperature, vibrations, humidity and machine status, MMS PULSE provides machine operators with a more complete picture of the environment when results are obtained.

The Optiv Performance 663 and 664 Dual Z CMMs are available worldwide from today. More information is available through local Hexagon commercial operations and dealers.
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