Maintaining Your Measuring Equipment: What to Expect from a Pre-Calibration Service

by Sam O’Prey on March 15, 2019 From Ask The Experts, Technology

In the previous blog of this series, we explored the difference between measurement machine verification and calibration and why they are so important. For sure, calibration and certification performed to the latest ISO standards is essential to maintain your coordinate measuring machine (CMM), but an element that shouldn’t be forgotten here is pre-calibration service and maintenance.

A pre-calibration service performed by a professional technician is a sensible cost-cutter, ensuring that maintenance or repairs that could affect the machine’s calibration don’t need to take place after calibration. Likewise, a pre-calibration can identify whether a machine is really usable and suitable for calibration.

At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, our service engineers use a 20-step process to ensure that, where issues with performance or accuracy are found, the machine is quickly restored to as close to original factory specifications as possible.

1. Inspection of the machine for damage (including shiny spots that are a sign of wear and bearing gaps)
2. Inspection of the air lines (where applicable) for discolouration or dirt/oil deposits
3. Inspection of the air filtration system
4. Remove the covers to inspect for dirt and wear and tear
5. Inspection of scales and rails
6. Encoder alignment and tune up
7. Run a measurement cycle to check the motor function
8. Check mechanics and/or air pressure of counterbalance
9. Check the functionality of all emergency stops and crash protection
10. Check operation of jogbox and joystick if applicable
11. Check probing equipment for visible damage, rotate wrist in “A” and “B” angles (via keypad and DCC) and square the head to the machine
12. Check cabling and connections for damage or wear
13. Check general cleanliness of controller
14. Check inline air filters and the machine for correct air pressure setting (filters will be replaced if necessary)
15. Check operation of cooling fans in the system controller
16. Wipe down the machine covers and computers
17. Check hardware and software limits if applicable
18. Check the machine certification expiration
19. Check qualification sphere certification expiration
20. Review firmware revision levels and update if necessary

For more information about pre-calibration services, contact your local Hexagon services team.

In the next blog of this series, we will explore how an upgrade or retrofit can revitalise your CMM. 

Sam O’Prey

Sam O’Prey is responsible for sales and marketing for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence metrology service and support business in the UK & Ireland. Sam joined the company in 2010 and has 14 years’ experience in digital and direct sales and marketing within the manufacturing and technology sectors, with an additional nine years’ experience as an engineering technician and manager within manufacturing and design.

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