The Smart Factory: What is It and How do You Achieve It?

by Richard Law on July 11, 2018 From HxGN Global

Responsive. Agile. Connected.

The Smart Factory promises a revolutionary approach to manufacturing that could transform organisations’ productivity. But how is this achieved?

As discussed in this video, there are two primary changes required for digital transformation: new technologies and new mindsets.

With this video from HxGN TV, learn about the importance of rethinking long-held attitudes to quality, leveraging data through the digital thread, and other key considerations to breakdown silos and drive competitiveness.

On the panel: Norbert Hanke, President & CEO, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence; Stephen Graham, Vice President Marketing, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence; Brian Shepherd, Senior Vice President for Software Solutions, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. 

Richard Law

Richard Law is a Global Marketing Copywriter at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. He has written numerous articles and blogs across a range of industries. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Creative Writing and a Master of Arts in Poetry from the University of East Anglia.